His Space

In 2006 when we set about establishing a Tabernacle in Munich, Germany, the Lord reminded me of the most important aspect of the Tabernacle; it was HIS space, not mine. Because it is HIS space, I simply began to ask him what he wanted in it. The first word he said to me was “Karlstatt”. This is the name of a large retail store chain in Germany selling everything from furniture to pencils. The store that come immediately to my mind was on the other side of town on Leapoldstrasse. So I ventured off having no idea of what I was to buy, but i went declaring it was “my shout.” Well what unfolded from there was a step by step, item by item discovery as I went shopping with Him. This process took a few weeks & was distinctly one step at a time being led by the spirit of God & what witnessed in my spirit not my preferences or fashion tastes. Several times I was faced with his choice or mine? I had to lay down what I thought or wanted. It was his space not mine!  The end result was a small room with a color theme of blood red (which he later pointed out to me was significant as this Tabernacle was on Daucherstrasse, to road to the only major Nazi death camp in Germany during in World War 2. Nothing but the blood of Jesus can wash away our sin). It was sparsely filled, no chairs only 2 white-blue blankets, 3 red pillows, a large red luxurious mat, a simple white candle, anointing oil, a specially chosen plant in likewise white pot, box of tissues, specifically chosen & mixed music 24/7 & a bible. Simple. Elegant in appearence & His. He honored this with his presence & sojourners rested, prophecised, wept & worshipped him there.

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