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A Tabernacle in Munich

Thursday, January 10th, 2008 by Singvogel

Last February, when Helen and Mark told my wife and I that they are leaving Munich soon, it came to my heart to move the Tabernacle from their home into the attic of our town house. After prayer, we all felt this is God’s will and so we proceeded with the idea. I had no idea what I was taking on, no concept or revelation of what a Tabernacle was. I knew as much as H&M were teaching about it, I listened to their experiences, but back then I’ve never been in one myself. Mostly I wrestled with the concept, why God would need a confined physical place, which to me is more an old testament concept. How does this reflect the new covenant with our Lord Jesus?  You see, some fundamental questions. I report here about my experience since I started this journey and I can’t say that I have more insight now than before, but certainly more experience. Our attic back in February was a big messy storage area, and I didn’t feel like cleaning it up any time soon. But the Lord was talking clearly to my wife, who spent some time in H&M’s Tabernacle before the move and it sounded right to us to dedicate the Tabernacle on Palm Sunday (March 31st), the day before H&M left Munich for good.  When we started to look at the mess in the attic on Saturday before Palm Sunday, we felt slightly overwhelmed to establish the Tabernacle in one day. In my tendency for perfectionism, I wanted to do it all, but it was clear that the attic is a picture of our hearts, before God moves in. And it is a process until the attic is cleaned up and the Tabernacle established. So we were going to throw out the most obvious stuff and cleared an area in the center of the room to set up the Tabernacle with the equipment from H&M’s home. At the end it looked really nice in the middle of lots of boxes, the carpet sitting on top of a dirty concrete floor, and the Lord’s TABERNACLE was dedicated on Palm Sunday remembering Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem from the east.

At the beginning the TABERNACLE was new and I was making the effort to go there. Although I knew in my mind that this is a place where you go to meet with Him, in my heart I was always going there to do something (like praying, worshipping, reading the word etc.). It was hard not to do anything, but waiting for Him to show up. After a while the interest in it got less and less, busyness picked up and the visits in the Tabernacle were fewer and fewer. But there was something I didn’t see coming: The Lord started to work on some of my major issues!!! The biggest one was (and is), who has the Lordship of my life and second how important is my job/career success and where are my fears. And slowly but steadily, He allowed me to face some real fears and worries in my job and life. It all ended with a vision He gave me that scared the heck out of me: A little lamb walking away from me into utter darkness, there was nothing I could see except the lamb, which was full of light turning towards me asking ‘Do you want to follow me?’. It took me days to be able to say a clear yes from the heart, because for the first time it was very real to me the magnitude and consequence of that kind of decision: You have to trust Him completely. But with the Lord there is no turning back so I yielded to His will and embraced the lamb.

But it was far from over. The heaviness of the last months lifted, this was around July. At this point my Tabernacle time was zero. Even during the encounter I didn’t spend time there. Then September came around and and with it an increase of hunger in my heart for more of the Holy Spirit. I wanted to experience the real deal, His presence. Not only talking about it or hearing about other peoples testimonies, but having the revelation of being in His presence. When my wife and kids were traveling for a few days, I decided to fast and pray after work for the rest of the evening. The first night I went up to the Tabernacle. It was such a hard time up there, very dry, the prayers dry, the worship dry, the mind racing, unable to rest, to focus. I left after hours exhausted and frustrated. The next night I was facing the decision another night like this or going to hear a friend preaching; I decided for the second one. At the time of the third night I followed Mark’s advice to relax and to spend time to thank God and to praise Him, which I did that night. I didn’t feel like going into the Tabernacle and so I spent time in the living room and I thanked God for everything I could think of and praised Him. It still was hard work, but at the end I had peace and I felt clearly in my spirit something has broken that night and the time of fasting had an end.

Two days later, on a Saturday afternoon while working in our living room, I felt the urge to leave the house for a bike ride. I had in mind to go to a nearby park in the east of the city. Arriving there, I went up an artificial hill with a look-out at the top. It is a relatively small hill right at the city edge in the east with a great overlook over the entire city of Munich. It was a cloudy day, but the sun beams were breaking through the clouds bathing the city in a bouquet of sun beams, a most beautiful sight. Immediately I started to worship Him until my attention was drawn to a very bright single sun beam coming down. When I followed the beam I realized that it was exactly coming down over our neighborhood. I had seen this before in a vision that heaven was open above the TABERNACLE and that God was coming down! Tears started to flow over my face when I continued to worship Him. Back at our place after taking a meal I knew in my spirit that it is time to go up to the TABERNACLE to meet with God. This time the access was easy. God’s peace was present. After a time of worship, which flowed spontaneously without effort, all of a sudden I increasingly felt uncomfortable. I started to see my uncleanness in comparison to His holiness. First I didn’t realize what was happening and I started to repent, when the presence of the Holy Spirit came closer and closer.  I saw His glory and my own unworthiness. Just to clarify, there was not a hint of condemnation. I felt very peaceful throughout. After a while His presence left and I was filled with a heart overflowing with Joy and Peace, which didn’t leave for days. Like walking on clouds…or so.

I have no explanation for this nor do I look for one. I can only tell it the way it was as a testimony. Tabernacle is a place to meet with God, but before you take it on be sure you are willing to give it all to Him, your life, your dreams, yourself. He will take it and work on it…