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Death to the Heart

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008 by Mark

I have learn’t that the Chinese character for the word ‘busy’ is made up of two Chinese characters death and heart. So busyness is ‘death to the Heart’.

This struck me as so relevent for Tabernacle as one of the main things that stop people from Tabernacling is busyness. Busyness must be fought against, you cannot just let what happens happen. I have found that if I don’t fight for my time with the Lord, fight for my intimacy with Him then this SPACE just gets filled with ‘other stuff’, often very unimportant and silly stuff. Yet it can so easily fill my space and time and steal what I should be offering to God.

Lord I ask your forgiveness  for allowing this to happen and ask you to show me what to cut out and how to maintain SPACE in my life so I can not Experience ‘death to my heart’ but that I can experience life through spending time with you and hearing your voice. Show me my right priorities I pray and give me the strength to stand in them and give you the space you deserve in my life. Who should I be hanging around with what should I be listening to? thanks King Jesus.

Also there is a web presentation of more amazing history of Chinese characters, it came from a Chinese friend of mine Phil born & bred in the UK. He assures me of the accuracy of the Chinese translation.

Presentation link