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The Morning Star

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008 by ulfandem

The morning star
It’s early in the morning, half past six.
The sun is about to rise.
It was still dark when I came here; to this place that faces the morning star.
I said: “Jesus, teach me about the morning star; the star that herolds the day;
The star that says: ‘Wait here! Be patient, only a little longer! The sun is not there yet,
but you can already see it in me, in my brightness. Behold, the day is coming. Be patient
and wait with me!’”

I sat there, thinking about how bright the star is. It most probably has a rough, rocky
surface, and yet it is a mirror for the sun.
In fact, that seems to be its sole purpose. The star is totally given to reflecting the sun.

“Jesus, is this true worship,” I asked, “to exist for the sole reason of reflecting You?”
“What about music then?”

“Music is a powerful tool. It has the power to take you out of the dark, clouded perception
of what’s going on around you, and lift you up to show you reality; the reality of the sun
(Son), which you are to reflect. As you declare the truth in song, your spirit will be lifted
off the ground, to those heights where the stars roam. Music, singing praises to God, will
make you stay up there. So music is more a tool that leads you into worship, than it is
worship itself. It takes you into a place where you reflect the sun. It is still dark around
you, but the world can see the sun through you and can know that it is coming; day will
triumph over night.”

“Music, even with the right words, by itself is not worship. It is there to lead you to a place
where you willingly hand over your own agenda and start living for the sole purpose of
reflecting the Son. Thoughts and pondering can do the same. Yet music is more than that.
Like poetry, painting, or other creativity, it takes your thoughts and dresses them
beautifully; it expresses them in a way worthy of a King. Yet, it is still more. It is the
expression of a heart cry, when you get but a little glimps of the beauty of your King; a
heart cry, when you realize your own inadequacy; a heart cry that says: ‘Lord! What the
heck is going on?!? Get me out of this place and restore me to the place that You created
me for: Reflecting Your Glory.’”

“Yes, worship is raw like that, just like the rough, rocky surface of a star (that still
reflects the sun in a beautiful sparkle).”

“The morning star is brighter than any other star; it herolds the morning. Yet, it did not
choose its own position. The Father Himself put it there, just like He Himself gives every
star its place. He alone knows the right place for you; the right distance for you to have to
the ground. The stars shine, but it is not their glory and it is not for their glory.”

The day has come.
The morning star has given way to the sun.


!! Reflecting Jesus is probably best summarized by saying that it means to reflect His heart to love God and to love people. So, the songs that we sing together will lead us into worship. Worship means to reflect Jesus. And reflecting Jesus means serving God and serving people. (A star faces both, the sun and the earth)!!