Tabernacle of David 2

God is really opening up this area for us at the moment. I have just come across a page of great Biblical research on the comming re-opening by God.

Here is the link to the site.

This I think will more appeal to your head than the message in the previous Blog that may speak more to your soul and heart.

I have also noticed that as with most things there can be a ding dong approach, either way to much or way not enough of things or swinging in between these two.

With ‘The New’ sadly we have noticed some groups tend to be hurt by and therefore very negative of the church (God’s bride) while other pages of this site I have linked to here can tend to lead you to believe that the church itself is the ‘Alpha and the Omega’. I am so for and endorse and support God’s church but I tend to think that that title ‘A&O’ belongs to someone else. The church IS God’s bride but in the Jewish setting the focus of a wedding is traditionally on the Groom not the Bride. So should our focus be at the wedding feast of the Lamb. It needs to  ALL be about the Groom (Jesus) not all about the Bride (the church, us).

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