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Prayers for Geoff Morrow.

Thursday, July 24th, 2008 by Mark

Geoff Morrow is Helen’s (one of the founders of this ministry) dad.

Geoff suffered two massive heart attacks in Manila, at the end of a time of running two tours for Wycliffe Bible translators.

These are prayers offered for Geoff whilst he was still alive and then prayers offered for the family after his passing on 26-06-2008.


Tabernacle time in Church…

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008 by Helen

Recently while we were in Adelaide, South Australia we met with “Ann”, a leader in a local church there. We were talking about the concept of Tabernacle & of the rest that often happens in the presence of the Lord, when Ann felt from the Lord to lead a form of Tabernacle time in Church the following Sunday. This is how it went that day…


“Sunday was interesting. As the Pastor and I prayed before worship I asked the Lord to help me keep my hands off, but to be a facilitator of what he was doing. He had to remind me of that during the service as the message went a lot longer than I’d anticipated and open time for ‘resting in the Lord’ looked like being shorter and shorter. As I started to fret a little he just reminded me “My agenda, not yours” so I settled back and went with the flow. ‘Rest’ time ended up being about 15 minutes towards the end of worship.  A lot of people just sat in their seats but some got up sat on the floor elsewhere in the chapel; I think one or two went out into the foyer area.  I pretty much gave them permission to do whatever felt right to them and the Lord. There didn’t seem to be too much restlessness to indicate that people were struggling with the quiet and the unstructured time. I helped create the space, what He did with it was up to Him. I did have one lady speak to me afterwards about how much she’d appreciated just being able to rest in the Lord’s presence, and that was encouraging.”

The Common and The Holy

Thursday, July 10th, 2008 by Helen

About 2 years ago, I was mopping the floor of our apartment in Munich Germany, where we lived at the time. I had been mopping other parts of the floor area when I came to the Tabernacle area. I began mopping when all of a sudden I stopped. The Lord said to me, “Do not make common what is holy. Go, change the water & use fresh water in this space.”

Over the years we have been asked, “What’s the big deal about setting apart a physical space for the Lord? How can that be different from anywhere else? Anyway, isn’t our body now the ‘temple of God?” This is a question we confronted on our journey of discovering Tabernacle. White Australia does not have a concept nor experience of a sacred space set apart for one particular purpose, other than perhaps the football ground! So part of God taking us to Europe was to deposit this in us & give us an experience of this. Interestingly, first nations (indigenous) peoples all have a concept & experience of sacred spaces.

Ultimately, this is a holiness issue, a holiness question. The very word, holy, means set apart, consecrated. To ‘set apart’ & then consecrate to the Lord a room, chair, time, space of some sort, is to make it holy. Our God is a holy God & when He chooses a space of time or place, & fills it with His presence, He makes it holy.

There were two Tabernacles in the Old Testament before the Temple came. The Tabernacle of Moses teaches us about this very issue of holiness. The second Tabernacle (of David) was about worship & prayer. If we do not understand the holiness of God & know a fear of the Lord, we will worship & pray in a way that will be common, ordinary. Likewise if we do not understand that a holy God has chosen our bodies as His place of dwelling, His temple, & set it apart, consecrating it to Him, we will make it common. We can defile what God sees as holy by treating it as ordinary, normal; like mopping a floor with dirty water. Commonness is the greatest enemy of what is holy, special, sacred.

“Be careful not to treat the holy things as though they were common.” Numbers 18:32