Prayers for Geoff Morrow.

Geoff Morrow is Helen’s (one of the founders of this ministry) dad.

Geoff suffered two massive heart attacks in Manila, at the end of a time of running two tours for Wycliffe Bible translators.

These are prayers offered for Geoff whilst he was still alive and then prayers offered for the family after his passing on 26-06-2008.


34 Responses to “Prayers for Geoff Morrow.”

  1. Kitty Cheng Says:

    Father, I commit Geoff into your hands. I pray for healing for him. Please touch his body and make him whole, oh Lord. Please recover him from the serious condition.

    Father, please comfort Aileen, Helen, Phil & Dave, and give them the strength they need to look after Geoff. Lord, we know that you are sovereign, and in control.

    Thank you, Lord, for dying on the cross to heal us physically, emotionally, spiritually and relationally. Thank you for your love for all of us. We give you all the glory. In Jesus’ precious name, amen.

    Melbourne, Australia

  2. Susie Pewton Says:

    Dear Aileen, Geoff and Family, my prayers are with you at this time. Words cannot express the impact that your family and particularly Geoff has had on my life and I know countless others. I will be praying with you at this time and trusting in our Heavenly Father for the very best for Geoff.

    Chiang Rai, Thailand

  3. Millie Lieberman Says:

    Almighty Abba…God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…I call forth from heaven all the healing power you have stored this season for Geoff your precious son. May the river of life flow to him and may the same power that resurrected Yeshua from the dead be released to him this day. Lord, pour forth your Amazing GRACE to him and his family during this time of pain and suffering…grip them Lord with your GRACE! Holy Spirit, bring them the comfort and peace that is above comprehension and cocoon them with your presence. Yeshua, you took stripes on your body for Geoff’s healing and we appropriate that healing work that you have already done for him by calling it forth as it is in heaven…so let it be here on earth…in Manila Philippines and in Geoff’s body. Lord pour on the joy of the Lord to His Spirit that even though he feels helpless and uncertain, that He would know you are with him and that the joy he senses of being in your presence would give him a happy heart…a joyful heart…and may it be good medicine for him.

    Lord, I see the nail scarred hand of Yeshua laying on His chest and I ask that all the love and all the healing power would flow from your wounds into his body. I also see three large angels standing with the family. God give his family prayer strategy, words of encouragement and strength in their hearts as they stand with husband, father, grandfather. I stand as a fellow minister of the Gospel with this family Lord and trust in your goodness, love, and power as you reveal yourself to them each day. I hope expectantly for each day to get better and better and Geoff get stronger and stronger…let this all be a testimony of your glory Lord! I speak Life, Life, Life to Geoff this day! In Yeshua’s Name, Amen!

    Tel Aviv, Israel

  4. Kathleen Lord Says:

    Heavenly Father, You are loving and righteous in all you do with regard to your children. Please continue to hold Geoff tightly in your hand. Encourage his spirit and strengthen him physically. Lift up those who wait with him, whether near or far.


  5. Alicia and Darren Patterson Says:

    I’m reminded of the battle that took place in the Old Testament where Moses had to hold up his hands in order for the battle to turn in their favor and it was at the times of exhaustion that his friends came to his aid to hold his arms up for him.

    Helen and family please know that the Body of Christ all around the world is holding up your arms in this fight for your dad’s life.

    God, we stand now in agreement with You that our enemies will not prosper against us. As this precious family is in this life and death battle we declare that they are not fighting alone but that there are way more then 2 or 3 agreeing with them that Your child’s life will be spared.

    We know Lord that you promise to be there in the midst of the battle fighting for Your children. Rise up Lord of Heaven’s Armies and beat back the spirit of death. Rise up Comforter and flow with peace to each family member but especially to Geoff as he waits on You. Rise up Victorious Jesus and declare victory to the saints of God.

    We love You or Lord and Savior and look to You for all power, strength and authority. You are good, good, GOOD!

    Be blessed today saints of God.

    -alicia, darren and malakhi patterson
    Montara, California, USA

  6. Christof Michos Says:

    Gottes Friede überkomme Euch mächtig, seine Gegenwart leuchte über Euch und schenke Euch Kraft und Gnade. Wir beten, dass Gottes spürbare Gegenwart bei Geoff ist und er Ihn erleben kann. Gott möge seinen Körper stärken und ihm noch viele weitere Jahre schenken.
    liebe Grüsse, Christof

    Munich, Germany

  7. Lucas Garth Says:

    Geoff – We lift up a prayer for healing and restoration of his heart to a place where he can praise God
    Aileen – We pray for peace, comfort and rest
    Family – We pray for safety in travel, comfort and strength throughout, and for those left behind the ability to manage without husband/wife/mum/dad

    We know God you can do amazing things in the lives of those who honour you, and we ask that you bring a special healing touch at this time to the entire Morrow family.

  8. Net Says:

    May you all feel Gods loving arms holding you up and His Spirit giving you strength and comfort each moment of each day.
    May you know the peace that knows no understanding.
    May God carry you through these coming days surrounded with His love.
    Geoff we love you.
    May God give you back to us in full health.

    Continually thinking and praying for you all.Aileen,Helen,Phil,Dave and familes, and for your dad too Kelly.
    Our love to you all

    Nhil, Australia

  9. Helen Says:

    I have posted Psm 118:17 on the wall over dad’s head. It reads “I will not die, but I will live to tell what the Lord has done.”

    Manila, Philippines

  10. Judith & Andre Says:

    Hi guys,

    Both Andre and I have been praying Geoff, Aileen and family for the past 2 days. May God continue to be the rock on which you stand/cling to, may He give you strength and peace…

    You guys are not far away from our thoughts….
    Love Judith & Andre

    Melbourne, Australia

  11. Matthew and Kathrin McIntosh Says:

    Hi guys,
    just wanted to let you know that we are also praying for the (extended) Morrow family. May God’s overwhelming goodness shine through yet again in a dark situation, and may His grace carry you all.
    Love Matthew and Kathrin


  12. Ruth Says:

    Mark, we are among many upholding Geoff and each one of you in these anxious, waiting moments. We ask for skill for those who are caring for Geoff, and strength and quietness of spirit for Aileen, Helen, Phil and Dave and the others as they wait.

    Melbourne, Australia

  13. Ian & Tania Vail Says:

    We have just read the news that Geoff has gone to be with the Lord he loved so much. It has struck us hard to hear Geoff has gone. Totally devastating for you all in the family but our God is able to hold you in the midst of such dreadful circumstances. We are praying accordingly for you all. May His grace and love hold you at this time close to His heart. May you know His amazing peace and comfort in the midst of your trauma and hurting hearts. A verse that came to Tania for each of you is “He spreads his wngs over them even as an eagle overspreads her young. She carries them upon her wings – as does the Lord his people.” Deut 32:11 The Lord is carrying you.

    New Zealand

  14. LAWRY & KEREN Says:


    Melbourne, Australia

  15. Jo & Pete Evans Says:

    God, I pray for strength, solidarity and deep comfort for Helen’s Dad and their family. Encourage them through your spirit and give them opportunities to be ministered to by you in this time. Bless the hands of those caring for Geoff and protect the whole family and also those back in Australia. Cover Joel-Mark. In Jesus name, Amen.

    Melbourne, Australia

  16. Roger & Kirsten Says:

    A precious gift to so many, Geoff will be missed by all of us. Geoff’s impact on our lives was enormous. He encouraged us, challenged us, loved us and pointed our eyes (and lives) towards missions and towards Jesus. LORD – thank you for Geoff! Wrap your loving arms around his family.

    Melbourne, Australia

  17. Glenda Whitbourn Says:

    Geoff has been more of an influence in my spiritual journey than anyone else I have ever know, and a wonderful friend and co-worker. I will miss him – his passion, love for God and drive to see the world reached for Christ. The streets of heaven are ringing with the cry “Well done, good and faithful servant”. My love and prayers I send to Aileen, Helen, Phil, Dave, Mark, Kelly and Shardee as they continue to run the race set before them without their greatest fan!!

    Victoria, Australia

  18. Natalia Hatton Says:

    Tears are streaming down my face as I read the latest update from you Aileen. Your strength, faith and courage are a testament to the women of God that you are. I know that these coming days will be very hard for you, and the family. But I know that God will put his loving arms around you, he will provide you with all you need and allow you to come out the other side an even more incredible lady. I pray that God will richly bless you and the family in many ways and that he will comfort you in your hour of need.
    The Morrow’s – a united family, a family passionate about God, a family with a heart for people and a family filled with character will continue to impact a world in need. However Geoff will be greatly missed. What an incredible man he was. You have all been such a special part of the Vail family life and I want you to know we love you and we are here for you in prayer and any way we can be. With all our love and support. Tal :-)

    New Zealand

  19. Brad & Kelly Sanders Says:

    Geoff will be sadly missed but more so remembered for his generous spirit, incredible heart for the King and his laughter that could fill a room. I thank God for a life lived openly and passionately for the Lord and for a race finished well.

    Father, thank-you that you have prepared an awesome eternity for Geoff and we pray that you envelop Aileen, Helen, Dave, Phil and the extended family with your love and comfort at this time.

    Melbourne, Australia

  20. John & Chris Fazakerley Says:

    Aileen, Helen, Phil & Dave -
    Sorry to hear about your loss.
    Geoff was certainly an inspiration to many and a man of great passion;
    he will be remembered as such.

    He has run a good race and reached his goal, but he has left us behind and we will miss him till we meet again.
    May the LORD’s Peace & the comfort of His People support you at this time.

    Adelaide, Australia

  21. Clare Butler Says:

    Dear Helen,
    I didn’t really know your Mum or Dad but I have known you and thus the news of your father’s death makes my heart heavy with grief for you. I can only imagine the extent of your loss. My prayer for you is that his memory will remain clear and strong with you always. I’m glad you could be there to say good bye, Helen. I’m glad he didn’t suffer too long. God’s strength for you and all your family and friends right now and as you figure out how to carry on without him.
    With love,

    Brisbane, Australia

  22. Susie Pewton Says:

    Aileen, I am living my life in Thailand, serving Jesus with passion, in many ways because of the encouragement and start to life on the edge that you and Geoff gave me. Geoff taught me that there was nothing worth doing other than living a life fully committed to Christ. Its hard to believe that Geoff has gone, but I know that he lives on in all of us that have been touched by his passion – and whenever I think of him I see his wonderful smile and hear the tears in his voice as he spoke about those that dont know Jesus YET!. I am so sorry not to have seen him again here on earth, but I can only imagine now the celebration there will be for Geoff in the presence of the Saviour he loved. Aileen, my prayers are with you over these next few weeks.


  23. Janet McCurry Says:

    Though we don’t don’t know you except through my daughter, Kelly Chesnut, our Prayer Circle of women in Mossyrock, WA has been praying for you all, and will continue to hold you up to the Lord in the days to come, for comfort, strength, and encouragement as you need it. Blessings upon you, with love.


  24. Owen Gray Says:

    Dear Aileen, Helen, Dave and all the family,

    My deepest, heartfelt love and support to you at this difficult time.
    ‘Father God, may Your loving kindness be a warm embrace to comfort and uphold this family. May they find peace, restoration, wholeness and hope in the midst of their grief. Draw them even closer to Your heart’.

    It fills my heart with joy to know that I will see Geoff’s smiling face among the great cloud of witnesses – pioneers who have blazed the way – cheering me on in race before me.

    Sydney, Australia

  25. John Pirrotta Says:

    My prayers go out for you as you all grieve the loss of your dad, and husband, Aileen. We hope and pray that you experience the Holy Spirit’s comfort in a very real way as you go through this difficult time which will bring times of change and confusion.
    God Love you
    John & Sharon

    Brisbane, Australia

  26. Merryn Appleby Says:

    Dear Ones – Aileen, Helen, Phil, Dave and your spouses and children,

    Geoff has run the race and I can only imagine his joy at the Father’s words: “Well done, good and faithful servant.” His life has been a light to so many and I’m sure the testimonies of that will come flooding in during the coming weeks and months – and there will be much you will never even know, too, but the Father knows. But you also face a time of deep grief and that cannot be underestimated. Allow yourselves to weep and fully mourn the loss of your wonderful husband, father and friend. Know that many stand with you in love and prayer as you walk this difficult road, and that above all, our Lord is with you. “I, even I, am he who comforts you.” Isaiah 51:12

    My own love and prayers join the throng,


    North Scotland

  27. Anna Cheng Says:

    Dear Aileen,

    You might not remember me as we first met at Kangaroo ground for the mission awareness camp almost 10 years ago. Geoff’s passion for God had a great impact in my life, so as you, Mark & Helen. All these lead to my serving to the Lord in Thailand today. When I was reading your words, my tears were running down my face. Geoff’s laughter, his kindness and his passionate face so vividly came back to my mind again. I will miss him very much.

    “Lord! Praise You that Your faithful servant run his race till the last minute and he is now resting peacefully in Your arm, no more death or mourning or crying or pain. Thank you Lord for the life of Your servant and his beautiful life testimony.”

    May God’s deepest love and comfort embrace you and your whole family at this grieving time. My love and prayers are with you. Anna

    Chiang Mai, Thailand

  28. David and Lyn Wake Says:

    Dear Aileen, Helen and Mark, Phil and Kelly, David and Shardi, and family,

    The pain in our heart that happens when we hear such news as this is so great. We are very sorry for your loss and feel that loss because of our relationship with you all. This is the time to cry. A time of pain and a time to say thank you to God for the privilege of knowing such a person as Geoff.

    Geoff had such a big impact in so many people’s lives including our own. He loved the Lord so much and was a wonderful example of Christ. He was such an ideas man and we always appreciated his advice and thoughts.

    We look forward to seeing him again one day and watching as the Lord waters all the seed that was planted by his hand and brings it to harvest. May the Lord give you the comfort you need at this time.

    Our love and prayers are with you
    David and Lyn Wake, Wycliffe Australia

  29. Ann Graham Says:

    Dear Mark and Helen

    My heart grieves with you at the loss of Geoff. Although I only knew him over the short period of Easter Camp so many years ago, I remember him as a wonderful man of God. That he is now face to face with his Lord and Saviour is cause for thanksgiving, but I know that you will feel his absence keenly. Please know that you and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

    “Comfort, comfort my people, says your God.” Isaiah 40:1

    With love

  30. Winnie Lee Says:

    Dear Aileen, Helen, Mark and family,

    We feel terribly sorry to hear the news and lost for words. No one can forget Geoff’s passion for the Lord’s work, his kindness, laughters and sense of humour, and his singing of ‘superman’s’ grace before meals. We still remember how we met Geoff and you at the Wycliffe camp in 1998, which made a difference in our lives.

    May you all be embraced by God’s love and comfort at this difficult time.

    Praise to the Lord for His greatest love; may His name be glorified for Geoff’s steadfast faith; thankfulness we all express for our hope to sing with Geoff again one day in our eternal home!

    Winnie and Keith

  31. Jon & Lyndell Paschke Says:

    Dear Helen and Mark,

    Our prayers are with you at this time. We pray that the Lord will sustain you Helen, and your mum and brothers in Manila through the unfamiliar ground over which you are now travelling. And we are also praying for Mark, and Joel-Mark back in Aus wishing they could be with you.

    We have very fond memories of Geoff, and appreciated his input into our lives and ministries very much. He was a special humble, humorous and happy, servant of God. We thank the Lord for his life.

    Love in Him,
    Jon & Lyndell, Ben and Joel.


  32. Linda Wilkinson Says:

    Dearest Helen,
    Thank you for the beautifully written letter that so eloquently gave us a lovely picture of your Dad’s life, character and accomplishments. While we embrace the concept of his present Joy in YHWH, we are saddened by your loss and grief process.

    We offer you this prayer:
    Almighty God, the Rock we stand on, the Friend we rely on, bless and give strength to Helen, Mark and their family as they adjust to this transformation. Your Word says that Your Faithfulness is an encircling shield, and that You will turn their mourning into joy. You have promised to order Your angels to guard us wherever we go, and they will carry us in their hands lest we dash our foot upon a stone. Lord, we cash in on this promise for our friends, and trust in Your goodness and love to give them all they need and more in this time. Help them to grieve in a healthy way, and show Yourself to them during this Pilipino ceremony. Soak them in your Presence and Power. We declare it so by your Name Jesus. Amen

    We love you!
    Linda and Bruce Wilkinson

    Redding California, USA

  33. Steve and Nancy Staunton Says:

    Dear Mark and Helen and the family, you have been in our thoughts especially in these recent days as you grieve the passing of your Dad. We remember him warmly as a bright encouraging man who along with Aileen, impacted us so much with his presence, love for God and ministry and love for people. Such a loss to us here on Earth but with the One he loves Now. Our love, thoughts, prayers are with you all right now.

    Steve and Nancy Staunton
    (with Tim, Nicki and Rebekah)

  34. Barbara & Don Wake Says:

    Dear Aileen Helen , David , Phil and families

    This is such a difficult time for you. We know your heart is breaking.
    As your friends in Christ er are supporting you in prayer , asking God , the God of Comfort , to surround you with His love and peace.
    May Gods eternal promises and everlasting love surround you more.
    Praying for your comfort and Gods blessing to strengthen you.
    There are times when words are not enough.
    ISAIAH 41.10…..
    Iam with thee
    I will strengrhen thee.

    With sincere condolences from Barbara and Don Wake

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