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Rebuilding the Tabernacle

Friday, August 29th, 2008 by Hunju Choe

After these things I will return, and I will rebuild the Tabernacle of David which has fallen, and I will rebuild its ruins, and I will restore it. (Acts15:16 NASB)

Last year, we set up a Tabernacle in our home. In the presence of God, there was touch of God, anointing, healing and rest.

But as time went on, the Tabernacle began to fall little by little. Being busy with ministry, the time at the feet of Jesus became less and less. The time in God’s presence became less and less. The Tabernacle was getting neglected.

Ministry began to replace intimacy. Busyness began to replace stillness. My plans began to replace God’s voice.

A few weeks ago, the Lord spoke to my heart clearly. “It’s time for you to rebuild the Tabernacle which has fallen.” “It’s time to restore it.”

And He reminded me of David moving the ark of God into Jerusalem. So we moved the Tabernacle from the corner of the bedroom to the livingroom-the centre of our home.

He also reminded me of the priest keeping the fire of God burning in the Old Testament. So we bought a candlestick and lit the candle. And we put on worship CDs and let it play day and night. 

Now the music is playing again. the fire of worship is burning. The incense of prayer is rising. The sweet presence of the Lord is filling our home.

Lord, let this fire never go out. Let it burn till the fire of God’s glory covers the earth. Just as the priests, let me keep the fire burning day and night, night and day. Lord, let the fire burn! Let it burn!!


Thursday, August 28th, 2008 by Mark

My Bride

I was inspired the other day, I was watching a ‘Wiggles Space dancing’ DVD with my son. They were talking about Space and what was out there, The Wiggles answer was ‘well, Space’. Then it dawned on me, that in creation the thing that God made the most of, by a huge amount is Space, ie nothing and emptiness. As I pondered this I was impressed by the importance of space to God, and humans seeming inability to be able to handle it. ie give an average human an empty room or space or empty time and they will just want to fill it. Space is so important for us to be able to encounter God, clutter and lack of space is death to being able to hear His voice and dwell in His presence. This applies to time as well, business is also death to intimacy with God.

What is important to us we make space for, sometimes though space is stolen. I have just returned from a trip to Adelaide, we were Blessed to be able to stay in two homes as we travelled, both had large LCD TV’s in the lounge area which was open and flowing into the kitchen and living areas. Both had the TV on a lot. In Adelaide it was on before we got up and it was still on when we went to bed. It reminded me of a visit to a pastor’s house here in Melbourne just recently where again the large screen TV was on. We were invited around for tea, yet before and during the meal and after the meal the TV was on and blaring.

Helen & I work very hard on the atmosphere that we live in, we not only have worship music playing 24/7 in the Tabernacle space we also have it in our home. Our sons room has had 24/7 worship playing every night of his life, we have maintained this on many trips and in many countries. This I know makes us very sensitive to atmospheres that we are not in control of such as shopping centres and other people’s homes. Grace is required as you enter other peoples ’space’ but it also makes you aware of what people allow to have such a dominate influence.

What are you choosing to fill your atmosphere?

A woman’s right to choose – Is it OK to choose to murder?

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 by Mark

I have just read two articles in the paper online, one saying that 2009 will mark 150 years since the publication of Darwin’s “Origin of the species” and another on some legislation before the Victorian parliament today about legalising abortion.

It makes me contemplate the connection here. The article points to some specific assumptions about life, either there is some order and purpose, ie a creator or there is not, and everything is just random and by chance. I see a clear connection with this science, or actually it is not science which by definition is a reproducible provable event, but an ideology of no creator and the thought that a woman’s right to choose can make it Ok to kill an unborn baby. I remember being in Russia and told of some abortions in Eastern Europe where as a baby was being born (full term) when the head first became visible then a hole would be drilled in the scalp of the baby and the brains pulled out with a hook, this of course killed the baby which was then born dead. I feel sick as I write this but as the baby was never born this was considered OK. You have got to be kidding.

The legislation before the Victorian parliament is talking about legalising the killing of a foetus in the mother’s womb as being OK if it is before a certain number of weeks and not Ok if it is after that point???

A woman’s right to choose, I really think that at the point of conception then the choice has been made and I will clearly state right here that I think it is murdering a human being to take that new life by any means at any time. In our world travels we have discovered that the Koreans have two numbers that they can give you if you ask how old they are, the Korean way is to say your age from when you were conceived but they also can answer in the western way of their age since their birth. I like this a lot, not because it makes me older but clearly as it shows that life begins at conception.

When our child was in the womb we decided to discover the gender and release the name of our child before he was born, this was amongst a pro abortion climate that we are in and Doctor’s suggesting screenings of our child in case there were defects that we might choose not to live with. I remember being given this choice once with a cat in a vet’s office I was comfortable with that but I was very uncomfortable with this offer in regards to a human.

As I write this I remember another little controversy surrounding circumcision. There were voices saying it is not Ok for parents to choose to cut their young child in this way, he may not want that in adult life. Yet now I am hearing it is going to be OK to kill a child just so long as he is only a certain number of weeks in the womb, I do believe that in every case the child would have preferred to live, to at least have the chance to choose to breathe.

It should be pretty obvious to everyone reading this Blog that I am a Christian, I believe that there is a creator and I believe that He (God) is actually very involved and very accessible. I also believe that life begins at conception and that it is not Ok for anyone to step in for any reason and to end that life.

There is one more article from today’s paper that I would like to mention it talks of a little premature baby born in Israel at 23 weeks, that came back to life after 6 hrs in the morgue. I think that God is saying something with this and I think that God has some very special plans for that little life. As I now go back to check the link I see that she has died. But I also noticed that her stories is the No1 link in the world news most viewed stories. Born tiny, died, rose again then died again and the world hears the news all in the day that it happened. What a story, what a life, she has undoubtedly impacted more people with her couple of hours of life than many people will in the entirety of their lives. Today’s legislation wants it to be Ok to kill babies up to 24 weeks, it seems in Israel today that maybe life can begin before full gestation.

Todd Bently -Florida outpouring

Friday, August 15th, 2008 by Mark

Please first read the July 17th entry in my personal blog and the endorsements given to Todd.

I received an Email yesterday from God.TV confirming that Todd had separated from his wife, I have just checked the website and it confirms this, then very sadly a quick look at some Blogs on the internet to see many people ‘sticking the knife in’ to Todd and what happened at Florida. Why the ‘christian’ world does this I do not know.

I distinctly remember one speaker in my time at BCV The Bible college of Victoria, he was a guest who just spoke the one time. He told us that he had had the honor of being present in the Pacific on three separate occasions when revival had broken out, he said each time it was different and that the one very sad common thing was that on each occasion the established church missed it. It seemed that we had ‘god’ so defined that we were closed to any other expressions of Him. I distinctly remember at that time vowing to myself that I would never be so closed or proud of my thoughts or theology that I would shut out that which was different to my preconceived ideas.

I fully admit that when I first saw Todd this was a struggle he is ‘out there’ but you know what he is an American ministering mainly to Americans, so my reserved Australian opinion is extremely irrelevant. I received an Email from a western Australian pastor a couple of weeks ago and he was ‘warning’ people of Todd and what was happening in Florida. The guy had not been to Lakeland, he had never met Todd yet here was a mass Email throwing unsubstantiated doubt and suspicion all over Todd’s name, why would Christian leaders do this? If you don’t particularly know anything why say anything? Why throw muck? I suppose it is pretty hard when there is nothing supernatural or reflecting the presence of God happening in your church it is very confronting and threatening to have someone claiming that people were being raised from the dead and that people were getting out of wheelchairs and there were thousands of medically confirmed healings. Thousands.
I don’t want to rant or rave here just to say I saw the very strong personal endorsement of Bill Johnson, who said that he knows Todd and the family and his ministry well and personally and that IS enough for me. This is endorsement is available to listen to from look for the June 22 podcast and the actual commissioning can be seen on look for the June 23 meeting. Please no one take cheap shots and judge Todd until you have seen both of these events.

So let’s actually stop and pray for Todd and his wife. Prayer points can become gossip columns. There are casualties of front line battle here, do people sometimes take bullets when they find themselves on the front lines. YES I can personally attest to that. So let’s find ourselves in the group Loving and caring and supporting showing compassion, not the group that thinks a cheap shot and a few bad words will in some way lift them up or promote themselves. There will be many people throwing mud and saying ‘I told you so’. I want to be one found focusing on the God of the move not the man God used, and I want to clearly state that if the man of the move is found to be human and vulnerable, who should be surprised at that? The God he loves and proclaimed isn’t human or vulnerable. Thanks Todd for standing up and proclaiming loudly and with enthusiasm the name of our King.

There is a good comment on perspective by Pete Greig of the 24/7 prayer movement, boiler rooms UK that goes well with this blog.