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Don’t know till it’s gone

Friday, September 12th, 2008 by Linda W

We will be moving back to Oregon the end of this month and we don’t know our address just yet. We are doing a Mark & Helen thing…..getting Divine Direction, packing up and moving with no job,  house or income.  We didn’t go as far as to copy you completely though… we left out the pregnancy part!


You both have been a blessing, both teaching us and being teachable yourselves. We are getting the Tabernacle concept more and more just through the Holy Spirit, but you guys started it!  I actually realized just the other day that I was practicing that concept but didn’t know it in the Oregon home we left last year. I have a 1,000 square foot room (was a shop) remodeled into a giant daycare room. But it was my private Tabernacle in the mornings and our home church Tabernacle on the weekend.

 I have had a missing piece in my spirit ever since we left that house because there is not such a private dedicated space in this house, especially with 4 students.  I thought I was just spoiled with such a large room and that was the loss I was feeling;   I realize that it is because of the solitude, privacy, freedom and the consistency of worship that created that Tabernacle Spirit. I’m sure there is more to it that we will be learning, but for now we are looking for how to create that special place in the next abode, after we get out of the motor home and into the house (that is coming) close to the new job (that is coming).

Thank you for your excellent guiding and nudging. We look forward to learning more about it.

Keep in touch and be blessed abundantly with His Peace and Presence.

Linda W