Punk Monk

I have just been sent and read a chapter from a Book called Punk Monk. It tells of the writers journey (24/7 Prayer, England) with God of discovering ‘Sacred Space’ or thin places. This is exactly the language that we were using as God first took us to Europe and then took us into Tabernacle and started to teach us that He wanted spaces set aside for Him here on Earth. They are great reflections and I highly recommend reading the chapter and then spending some time asking God what He has for you from it.

You can download the pdf of chapter 2 here.

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  1. The Tabernacle » Punk Monk Says:

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  2. Katy Spakman Says:

    This makes sense to me Mark. I feel like this concept of thin spaces is a key that has been missing in many people’s faith journeys (particularly protestant Christians). I questioned at first whether it was a notion that would distract people’s focus off God and onto a space/building, but as I was reading the chapters I was feeling myself hunger after God’s presence and to experience Him more- it makes a lot of sense that He would desire a space to meet with me there. I’ve decided that a set apart ‘space’ is a tool that points the way to a closer relationship with Jesus. It’s so timely for the fast world we live in. I believe people catching on to and committing themselves to this concept of creating spaces to be with God in prayer will unleash much needed revivals globally.

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