New Passion for Jesus

I’ve been discovering that there’s something that happens in the Tabernacle spaces that is so much deeper than I ever thought. I could never understand what God does in me in those times until I’m out in my life, living out the fruit of being with God in a focused abandoned way. While I’m in there loving on Jesus, He is the object of my attention and my affection. In those places of surrender shifts take place, the hardened ground of my heart is broken up and I go out into my life with His Spirit in a deeper way. Love for Jesus and His wonderful presence is literally taking me over. Lately I have been having Tabernacle experiences not just in the Tabernacle space. I can’t contain what God is doing in me and it spills out. “My heart is stirred by a noble theme”. He has become my obsession and is always on my mind. I am distracted by this lover, this love, this Jesus, ever present. I can’t contain Him or separate Him. These last days God has been increasing my hunger for Himself, He seeks me out regularly. He makes His Tabernacle in me and I walk around my house, region, my life, driving in my car, with my spirit crying out to Him: “I just want to love on you Jesus. I just want to love you more, more, more”. There’s a groaning in me- a sense of losing myself and that I’m but a part of all of creation- laid open before God. He shows me Himself and my passion for Him is freshly ignited and I’m so hungry. He meets with me, drawing me close. He fills me and satisfies me until I’m overflowing with love for Him and I try to move on, to get on with life again…But it seems a hopeless cause these last few days. I’m just seeking Him. Normality is not an option because He’s everywhere and I’m so consumed with His presence. He saturates the very air I breathe. He catches my gaze, my attention and before I know it, I’m just with Him again, surrendering myself, numerous times a day. My dishes are building up but His word is so clear.

Today I was driving home when I found myself being drawn to a friend’s place- it was like I was driving but I wasn’t. I found my friend in her backyard and I approached her saying: “I don’t quite know why I’m here”. She seemed to know why I had come- she had something to show me. She led me through her house excitedly telling me how she had recently been kept up by God cleaning her room until 2.30am… The outcome- a new Tabernacle space and a painting she painted with the Holy Spirit last week. I knew at once that I was drawn to His presence now invited to be there in her home in a new way. I stayed for a while and my friend played me a song God has been using to minister to her of late. I felt privileged to share in God with her and the joy of knowing Him. We celebrated Him together and we (2 grown women) and our little boys danced to the song in her kitchen getting lost in God, His Spirit’s liberty…and how in Him, all things are possible.

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