God’s Space

“Those who live according to the flesh have their mind set on the things of the flesh. Those who walk in the Spirit, have their mind set on what the Spirit desires”
(Romans 8:5).

When God began to Tabernacle with me at the same time I stepped into church leadership, I made a subtle assumption that He was doing this because of the work He was calling me to do in the church. I made a connection and presumed that God wanted to take up residence in my lounge-room because I had a worship team to lead… So I invited them there. Wednesday night ‘worship space’ was conceived- a time between 8pm and 10pm where people could come to our lounge room to pursue God’s presence and explore worship.

God honoured the desires of my husband and I to share with others what He was establishing in our home and each worship space has been graced with His presence.
People have met powerfully with God here. Although this was happening there was a feeling at the time that there was more to this that we just haven’t got yet. On the evening of 1st of April an hour before people were due to arrive God spoke to me very clearly, gently and graciously-leading forward in the journey. Regarding our home Tabernacle space He said: “It’s for me. It’s my space. I didn’t ask for a group, just space. I didn’t ask you to lead people in the space, I asked you to preserve a space, to maintain a space. Not to be a leader but a door keeper. It’s mine. It doesn’t matter who is there or who isn’t. It’s not the ‘what’ that happens there, it’s the WHY it is there- for Me.” With these words I got a deep sense of His call to maintain His dwelling place and that it’s out of that place of revelation I am to lead people. I somehow invaded the space with flesh before God had barely established Himself there. I made it about the people’s need for Him. I made it about a nice place to come and pray. I needed to repent of limited human centred understanding and to offer the space back to God as His.

Since then, God has been teaching me how to maintain the space- how to be a door keeper. This is a journey I am still on but it becomes clear when I think on the challenge of Romans 8 to walk in the Spirit. Do I fear man more than God? How much priority do I still give to the flesh?

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