Why are Mark & Helen in the USA?

We have just passed the 7 months mark here in the US. We wanted to ask some people whom we have met in these past months why they perceive God has asked us to be here. ie. What is it that God wants us to bring/release here?

The first responses are from these people, but this is an open Blog so we invite input from anyone who has met us that feels led to participate. We would love to hear your impressions.

2 Responses to “Why are Mark & Helen in the USA?”

  1. KoreyBuchanek Says:

    Well in the time that I have had to hear the heart and vision of Mark and Helen I have sensed a great burden on their part to impart a deeper sense of relationship and communion with the Holy Spirit. They have expressed a heartfelt desire to come along side of people to journey with them as they seek to better understand the power of fellowship with the Father. They are encouragers and from what my heart has gleaned they want to understand culture and context to see Christ be glorified in the life of men and women.

  2. Dale Amy Says:

    I guess the obvious answer is because you are slightly crazy and obeyed God when He wanted to bring you here. Amy just said that the real reason was to introduce us to Pav :-)

    Now a little more serious – I believe you have been sent to this nation, in part, to help further the message of the freedom of simply being in His presence, that doing is not required. In Amy’s words, God for you is the destination, not just a stop along the road. His message through you of relationship instead of religion is something that is sorely lacking – certainly gaining a foothold but still a very small seed here in my perception. I said a moment ago that doing is not required, which is true and yet Paul calls us to do … you bring a message that this type of doing only flows out of being with Him first and then letting Him do the doing when we move in obedience. For us, you being sent is a gift of wind and fire. God so loves, that He sent his Son…. and He is still sending His sons and fathers to voice, live, “be” His heart of love. You are ambassadors of His Kingdom and you are untethered like the wind, but burning with His heart like fire! Truly, He speaks His love through your very existence, obedience, and stand.

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