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Out to the Border

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 by Mark

I have written before about prophetic trips that we feel the Lord has asked us to go on. Recently we went away camping for the weekend. Helen & JM had picked this spot & I had felt the Lord indicate to us that this was to be a prophetic trip, in that He wanted us to take His presence there. We went to Bonney Lake State Park, due East of Denver just a few miles from the Kansas/ Colorado border.

After we had arrived and set up our tent, the neighbouring camper came over and asked if we had a radio. He then went on to tell us that he had been listening to his and that there was a Tornado about 15 miles away over the border and a hail storm coming our way with golf ball sized hail. He was considering leaving. Well we had just weathered a hail storm at our house in Denver and we had $17,500 dollars damage in just half an hour. The thought of that in a tent wasn’t too attractive!

So we sought the Lord as to whether we should pack up and go? (Although I don’t know to where as we were hours from anywhere.) But we felt Him say to stay, so we hopped into our very thin feeling tent and tried to get to sleep. The wind was howling through the trees and there was rain being blown into the tent, but after some time and lots of prayers we got to sleep. The Lord had spoken to us about taking His presence out to the border, in a Prophetic act to stretch out the pegs of the Tabernacle if you will, from what He had been establishing here in Denver, there were massive thunder storms both nights, so the atmosphere was certainly responding! The second night there was so much rain that we nearly couldn’t get out on the gravel roads as the surface had broken through and we were driving in thick sticky mud. Anyway I had a real sense that we were driving the stakes of what we had done here with the Tabernacle out to the border, so we also drove the few miles out across the Kansas border on the main interstate and visited an old dying US country town. Then a few days later we drove to Breckenridge which is towards the other border (West), to go for a hike with great friends there. I feel the Lord has sealed things East to West. Go God, I certainly don’t fully understand but please use us as you will and achieve your goals here.

God’s choice

Thursday, July 1st, 2010 by katy

We began our Tabernacle journey hosting God’s presence in our home now over a year ago. The journey began in our loungeroom- a very central, ‘public’ space in our home. He was teaching us about abiding in His presence, remaining in Him, not visiting. It was a wonderful season and we were suprised by how many times people commented about this room, children would naturally flock there. It was often the first place people would sit when visiting. The element of sacrafice giving the Lord this section of our loungeroom was in hein sight, very small.

Last August/September period Holy Spirit spoke cleary to my husband and I about clearing our garage and moving the Tabernacle “corner” (of our loungeroom) into the large space of our double garage… I was not working at this time so my husband had been supporting us and paying off our house with just his income. Finances were tight. Because the Lord had been so direct with us we got cleaning and clearing and painting and carpeting the garage downstairs very quickly.

The Lord provided so well through this time and we soon had a new door fitted, carpet layed and window coverings. For months the room sat mostly very empty. Aside from an arm chair and a stereo that were given to us for the space, the space lay very neutral with not much colour at all. It was an amazing time having more space set aside to explore the Lord’s presence. There were times the space was not visited very often through the weeks, but when the Lord drew us there, His grace, His awesome presence was palpable. Stuff moved around in our lives, sin confessed, healing, manifestations of worship in ways we have not seen before. It was a time of letting go of seasons gone by and being brave to step into the new God was calling us to embrace.

To our children, this place was as a class room- learning how to be with Jesus. We too have learnt from them and seeing their abandoned joy before Him helps one understand why Jesus wanted the little ones to come to Him.

All the while, the emptiness, the plain appearance, lack of beauty in the space made me wonder… I knew it was a work in progress and yet I did not have a clear sense of where the space was going or what He wanted in there further than the basic shell of it. I was waiting for His direction, decorative and otherwise! The wait went for months.

This last two weeks the Lord has called me there daily. His presence seems to be pursuing me. He comes to me and I find myself yearning for Him so deeply. I love His chase -everything about Him. It’s always awe inspiring to witness God’s heart moved by our obedience. It’s a humbling thing to be rewarded by the King’s presence.

About a week ago, we prayed to God in response to our pastor asking us if we want the space opened to the church congregation we attend. Feeling a release from Father we told the pastor God says “yes”.

The other day I went to take the first sip of my morning coffee when I was quite interrupted “do you want to do coffee with me?” “YES!” so off I went, coffee in hand, to be with Him in His space. When I was in there, I emptied myself to worship Him when I was shocked by His voice again. He began downloading to me some more information about what He wanted in His space. I saw red, sheer curtain, blue blankets and patterned cushions. Colour! My awareness went to corner and I very quickly had a picture of a plant- it was very specific- large, dark green leaves, a burgundy coloured pot and sitting on a plant stand. I knew it to be God showing me His choice as it was not something I would have chosen myself. I would not have known where to start looking for this plant ensemble so I asked Him. Within seconds the Lord spoke “Heidleberg” so off I went, piling the kids into the back seat, we drove to a nursery I knew of in Heidleberg. I walked in and out of this shop as nothing seemed close to what I believed God showed me. Getting back into the car to drive home I felt a bit disheartened- especially as I had told my boys where and why we were going. It was then I realised there was another nursery in Heidleberg so this was the next stop for us. I looked carefully through the selection of plants when one variety suddenly looked very familiar. The leaves were the ones the Lord had shown me while dwelling with Him. Right next to this variety were two small plant stands, just the right size for the pot. We then found a pot, exactly the colour I had seen. When I asked the worker there where the plant would survive well, he proceeded to describe the exact atmosphere in the Tabernacle environment. Dry and not too much light.

We made the purchases and drove home. Stopping at traffic lights I glanced down and was shocked to read the name of the plant on the card “peace lilly”. Right there on the plant of God’s choice, for the space of His choice, a fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5.