About this Blog Site…

This is a Christian Blog space specifically for people to write about their experiences with God in set apart Tabernacle spaces (‘modern day spaces’ like the Tabernacle of David or Tabernacle of Moses.)

Our desire is that this space would be a blessing & safe place for you to read and write what God is saying/showing. There are already some wonderful heart reflections and revelations here.

We have four categories:

My Tabernacle Experience: This is for blogging some personal experience in ‘Tabernacle’ places

Tabernacle at Home: This is for blogging your experience of setting up such spaces yourself. Many are the experiences all around the world.

Tabernacle Discussion: This is for blogging on topics and discussing about the Tabernacle. Please feel free to introduce a topic for discussion. ie. The Tabernacle of David, Old Covenant vs New Covenant.

Revelations about God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit: A place for bloggin your revelations about God, in Tabernacle spaces or from the Word or wherever. We love talking about how big, good and wonderful He is!

Enjoy reading and getting a sense of what God is up to here. Feel free to add your own contribution or comment on what has already been written.

If you would like another category opened then contact us and let us know www.all4him.org/contact/

Either browse by category or just read down this page to go in Date order. Please enjoy and add your own revelations.

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