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Experiencing the Presence of God.

Friday, March 2nd, 2018 by Mark

We are excited to let you know that Helen has just released the first of the Experiencing the Presence of God series as a downloadable ON_LINE course.

This and new courses can be found at
We have been teaching this series live now for over 5 years and peoples connection with God and their understanding of their connection with God has been hugely increased.

So please Bless yourself and enrol in a course and safely discover more.


Getting back to Intimacy

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 by Mark

I have just come from sitting with my wife listening & watching a session of worship from Bethel church in California then a sermon from Pastor Kris.

As I have been thinking during it and now after it I am renewed in my confidence that nothing is more important than getting back to where we started, I believe that our model of what our Christianity is supposed to be all about is Adam and Eve in the garden walking and talking with God in the cool of the evening. God’s original created order, Intimacy, not awkward, not loud and aggressive, but something so right, so oh this is so what I want to be doing right now and my heart is just singing and free. Actually my heart is aching right now as I think of this as due to our current living situation we currently don’t have yet a special space set aside ‘a Tabernacle’ where I can go and so quickly and easily just hang out with God where we can just ‘be’ together, to chat to have him stroke and calm my soul, to know peace. His Peace. This is only our second night here so I suppose I can give myself a break. :-}
Anyway like just then we can get so complicated, “but my circumstances”, “but I need this”, “first I need to do this”. No, as Jesus showed us in the story of the prodigal son, at any point we can RUN back to the OPEN arms of Father God. Luke 15:11-32 This is God’s desire that we would KNOW Him and therefore know that we can so Yes go to Him and Know Him and Know His peace… Hmm I am very aware here that words are just so not cutting it, human language can not convey what it is to experience God, to sit with Him, to hang with Him, to feel His pleasure, to know His peace, heck to know that He loves me and accepts me just as I am.

Nothing is more important than this, no thing that I can do no thing that I can say, no thing nothing is more important than this. As I ponder this I reflect on conversations that I have had where people have told me how they spend time with God so that they can do ministry, so they are empowered, so they know better what to do. Well this may contain truth, but intimacy to GET something to fill your own needs goes by another name. I’m talking about hanging with God for Gods sake, for the sake of the relationship. Just to hang out. When you can manage to drop the agenda, or the religious benefits and just want to hang out with Jesus as a friend and let happen what happens then I think we are getting close. Hmm maybe we could even let Him direct the conversation.

Wait – Season

Monday, April 12th, 2010 by Mark

Helen & I have been struck again in the last weeks by this word in Acts 1:4-5

“On one occasion, while Jesus was eating a meal with them, he told them, “Do not leave Jerusalem but ‘wait’ for the gift my Father promised. Remember, I have told you about this before. 5 John baptized with water, but in just a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.”

So what the Disciples had to do in order to receive the magnificent gift of the Holy Spirit was: Wait! Yep that’s it, the most magnificent powerful gift that God has ever given to human’s and all they had to do was ‘not do’.

We are now in this same period of time between Passover (When The Lamb was killed to deal with sin) and Pentecost (When the Holy Spirit was given). In this time Jesus told His disciples to ‘wait’ in Jerusalem. We have felt to set aside some extra time just to ‘wait’ on the Lord no agenda, no talking just waiting, resting in His presence eager to hear what is on His Heart.

On Saturday night Helen and I both had a wonderful time with Jesus doing just this. Some friends of ours called today and told us how after we had shared with them that they too had set apart time and just waited on the Lord. This resulted in an unusual boldness as they taught Sunday school this morning, and after the lesson ‘teaching the kids to wait on God/ hear His voice’ they took the kids into the sanctuary where the main church was and one of the kids spoke out what they had heard and this was then followed up by a matching prophetic song, and God got to hijack the rest of the service. Very very cool report, all inspired by the kids. Go God!

Then tonight it just struck me to share this and encourage people to just get with God in this season of waiting. This is a special time and I don’t want anyone to miss out. No agenda’s no talking just come together and take the time, as long as it takes, to hear what is on God’s heart.
I can guarantee from my experience, it will be surprising and life changing, God is very very Good and He loves sharing His heart with us.

If you have a go at this please share your experiences here so that others can be Blessed by your adventure.

The Happy Intercessor

Monday, October 5th, 2009 by Mark

I am reading the Happy intercessor by Beni Johnson, what a great book this is. Beni shares her heart for Jesus and she touches on many ‘Tabernacle’ concepts. I would highly recommend this book for anyone, not just intercessors, but anyone chasing intimacy with God. You won’t be disapointed.

How He loves us

Saturday, August 29th, 2009 by Helen

Childlike spirit

Friday, January 30th, 2009 by Mark

When we first came across this we were living in Germany where this was called ‘kindlicher Geist’ and it was a major and very powerful thing when Germans were able to be free and operate in a Childlike Spirit before God. This is not a childish Spirit, but childlike where there is great freedom and inhibition in God, it is wonderful to behold. Of course it is powerful for people of any nationality, when people abandon their preconceived ideas and themselves and don’t worry about how they look or how they might be perceived, but operate in faith wanting to experience God in new and powerful ways, it takes faith and it takes humility.

I heard this at a whole new level when I was listening to reports of what happened at the Azuza st revival in America. They were talking about the presence of God entering the meetings and kids would be running around and playing with the presence, this sounds so right to me and what I know of God. While this was happening healings would take place and we are talking about limbs growing back here, whole legs or feet would just grow back right before people’s eyes, the blind would see the deaf would hear. As I was listening to this wonderful report of people being so close to God, I believe God spoke to me about the approach that He loves people to have when they come to Him and when they want Him to come.

I’m sure we all agree that there is just awesome power and it is an absolutely wonderful thing to experience the presence of God. But why do people want to experience the presence of God. WIIFT What’s in it for them. Here is where I believe the Lord whispered to me that He is looking for pure hearts and childlikeness.

When we come to God it shouldn’t be because we want ‘good worship’ or because we want to be known as people who ‘dwell with God’. It shouldn’t even be because we want to see healingings, or even because we want to see people saved. Desiring God’s presence should be for the sake of His presence, to be with Him.(It’s OK to desire God’s presence, it just isn’t Ok to want His presence just for the ‘stuff’ you gotta want Him.) In other words we shouldn’t desire God for what He will do for us or our reputation, we should only desire the presence for the presence, think of it in terms of a human to human relationship, if you are just in a relationship for the benefits and what you can get from it then the other person is very quickly likely to pick up on your motives. It is the same with God, He of course knows what is in our hearts. I’m not talking about being perfect here but I know that in my relationship with God I want to be a lover and His bride, I want to love Him for Him.

I have just re read this and I feel I have missed something important here, there are many times when I have gone to God, desperate for His touch or a word or some encourgement, God loves it when His children come to Him and it is a huge truth that we can come to Him at any time. I just wanted this blog to be a reminder of the power of a childlike spirit, and how much I want to come to Him with no agenda from Him.


Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 by Mark

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