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Pray with Simplicity

Monday, February 7th, 2011 by Mark

Pray with Simplicity “And when you come before God, don’t turn that into a theatrical production either. All these people making a regular show out of their prayers, hoping for stardom! Do you think God sits in a box seat? “Here’s what I want you to do: Find a quiet, secluded place so you won’t be tempted to role-play before God. Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage. The focus will shift from you to God, and you will begin to sense his grace. “The world is full of so-called prayer warriors who are prayer-ignorant. They’re full of formulas and programs and advice, peddling techniques for getting what you want from God. Don’t fall for that nonsense. This is your Father you are dealing with, and he knows better than you what you need. With a God like this loving you, you can pray very simply. Like this: (The Lord’s Prayer) Matt 6:5-9 The Message.

Getting back to Intimacy

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 by Mark

I have just come from sitting with my wife listening & watching a session of worship from Bethel church in California then a sermon from Pastor Kris.

As I have been thinking during it and now after it I am renewed in my confidence that nothing is more important than getting back to where we started, I believe that our model of what our Christianity is supposed to be all about is Adam and Eve in the garden walking and talking with God in the cool of the evening. God’s original created order, Intimacy, not awkward, not loud and aggressive, but something so right, so oh this is so what I want to be doing right now and my heart is just singing and free. Actually my heart is aching right now as I think of this as due to our current living situation we currently don’t have yet a special space set aside ‘a Tabernacle’ where I can go and so quickly and easily just hang out with God where we can just ‘be’ together, to chat to have him stroke and calm my soul, to know peace. His Peace. This is only our second night here so I suppose I can give myself a break. :-}
Anyway like just then we can get so complicated, “but my circumstances”, “but I need this”, “first I need to do this”. No, as Jesus showed us in the story of the prodigal son, at any point we can RUN back to the OPEN arms of Father God. Luke 15:11-32 This is God’s desire that we would KNOW Him and therefore know that we can so Yes go to Him and Know Him and Know His peace… Hmm I am very aware here that words are just so not cutting it, human language can not convey what it is to experience God, to sit with Him, to hang with Him, to feel His pleasure, to know His peace, heck to know that He loves me and accepts me just as I am.

Nothing is more important than this, no thing that I can do no thing that I can say, no thing nothing is more important than this. As I ponder this I reflect on conversations that I have had where people have told me how they spend time with God so that they can do ministry, so they are empowered, so they know better what to do. Well this may contain truth, but intimacy to GET something to fill your own needs goes by another name. I’m talking about hanging with God for Gods sake, for the sake of the relationship. Just to hang out. When you can manage to drop the agenda, or the religious benefits and just want to hang out with Jesus as a friend and let happen what happens then I think we are getting close. Hmm maybe we could even let Him direct the conversation.

Out to the Border

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 by Mark

I have written before about prophetic trips that we feel the Lord has asked us to go on. Recently we went away camping for the weekend. Helen & JM had picked this spot & I had felt the Lord indicate to us that this was to be a prophetic trip, in that He wanted us to take His presence there. We went to Bonney Lake State Park, due East of Denver just a few miles from the Kansas/ Colorado border.

After we had arrived and set up our tent, the neighbouring camper came over and asked if we had a radio. He then went on to tell us that he had been listening to his and that there was a Tornado about 15 miles away over the border and a hail storm coming our way with golf ball sized hail. He was considering leaving. Well we had just weathered a hail storm at our house in Denver and we had $17,500 dollars damage in just half an hour. The thought of that in a tent wasn’t too attractive!

So we sought the Lord as to whether we should pack up and go? (Although I don’t know to where as we were hours from anywhere.) But we felt Him say to stay, so we hopped into our very thin feeling tent and tried to get to sleep. The wind was howling through the trees and there was rain being blown into the tent, but after some time and lots of prayers we got to sleep. The Lord had spoken to us about taking His presence out to the border, in a Prophetic act to stretch out the pegs of the Tabernacle if you will, from what He had been establishing here in Denver, there were massive thunder storms both nights, so the atmosphere was certainly responding! The second night there was so much rain that we nearly couldn’t get out on the gravel roads as the surface had broken through and we were driving in thick sticky mud. Anyway I had a real sense that we were driving the stakes of what we had done here with the Tabernacle out to the border, so we also drove the few miles out across the Kansas border on the main interstate and visited an old dying US country town. Then a few days later we drove to Breckenridge which is towards the other border (West), to go for a hike with great friends there. I feel the Lord has sealed things East to West. Go God, I certainly don’t fully understand but please use us as you will and achieve your goals here.

Invitation from India..

Thursday, May 13th, 2010 by Hunju Choe

We are praying for volunteers wanting to come to Calcutta and serve the Lord at our prayer centre for 6 months to 1 year.

There are opportunities to minister to the Lord and to people, such as prayer room worship and intercession, worship gatherings and seminars, street worship evangelism etc.

Please pray for us that God would bring us Levites to rebuild the Tabernacle of David with us in India.

Love and blessings

Hunju Choe

P.S.   Thank you Mark for allowing me to put this up here.

Wait – Season

Monday, April 12th, 2010 by Mark

Helen & I have been struck again in the last weeks by this word in Acts 1:4-5

“On one occasion, while Jesus was eating a meal with them, he told them, “Do not leave Jerusalem but ‘wait’ for the gift my Father promised. Remember, I have told you about this before. 5 John baptized with water, but in just a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.”

So what the Disciples had to do in order to receive the magnificent gift of the Holy Spirit was: Wait! Yep that’s it, the most magnificent powerful gift that God has ever given to human’s and all they had to do was ‘not do’.

We are now in this same period of time between Passover (When The Lamb was killed to deal with sin) and Pentecost (When the Holy Spirit was given). In this time Jesus told His disciples to ‘wait’ in Jerusalem. We have felt to set aside some extra time just to ‘wait’ on the Lord no agenda, no talking just waiting, resting in His presence eager to hear what is on His Heart.

On Saturday night Helen and I both had a wonderful time with Jesus doing just this. Some friends of ours called today and told us how after we had shared with them that they too had set apart time and just waited on the Lord. This resulted in an unusual boldness as they taught Sunday school this morning, and after the lesson ‘teaching the kids to wait on God/ hear His voice’ they took the kids into the sanctuary where the main church was and one of the kids spoke out what they had heard and this was then followed up by a matching prophetic song, and God got to hijack the rest of the service. Very very cool report, all inspired by the kids. Go God!

Then tonight it just struck me to share this and encourage people to just get with God in this season of waiting. This is a special time and I don’t want anyone to miss out. No agenda’s no talking just come together and take the time, as long as it takes, to hear what is on God’s heart.
I can guarantee from my experience, it will be surprising and life changing, God is very very Good and He loves sharing His heart with us.

If you have a go at this please share your experiences here so that others can be Blessed by your adventure.

Why are Mark & Helen in the USA?

Sunday, April 11th, 2010 by Mark

We have just passed the 7 months mark here in the US. We wanted to ask some people whom we have met in these past months why they perceive God has asked us to be here. ie. What is it that God wants us to bring/release here?

The first responses are from these people, but this is an open Blog so we invite input from anyone who has met us that feels led to participate. We would love to hear your impressions.

Who may Worship?

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010 by Mark

Psalm 15 A psalm of David.

1 Who may worship in your sanctuary, Lord?

Who may enter your presence on your holy hill?

2 Those who lead blameless lives

and do what is right,

speaking the truth from sincere hearts.

3 Those who refuse to slander others

or harm their neighbors

or speak evil of their friends.

4 Those who despise persistent sinners,

and honor the faithful followers of the Lord

and keep their promises even when it hurts.

5 Those who do not charge interest on the money they lend,

and who refuse to accept bribes to testify against the innocent.

Such people will stand firm forever.

Uptown Update

Friday, December 4th, 2009 by Mark


Uptown is the name of a building in Munich, Germany. A few years ago Helen & I were living in Munich and God very strategically and repeatedly pointed out this building to us. The full story is here.

This Blog is about hearing God’s voice and then what we do with those words, it is also about the Greek spirit and how this tends to make our thoughts centre on us (MAN) and what we do rather than God and what He does (Hebrew thinking).

Just a few nights ago God gave me a download about how I can assume way too much of the need for me in God’s plans. In the opening of the Uptown story I say how God said to me “I want the top 5 floors of that building for My worship house.” Where I believe I went wrong was that I also inferred that I had to achieve this for God, or that this would involve me in a major way. (Greek spirit, me at the centre)When this additional thought came to me I was gripped by fear. Why because this extra thought wasn’t from God and it was meant to grip me with fear, and successfully did get my eyes and thoughts off of God and His greatness and onto me and my smallness. As I look back I also realise that I expected to be playing a big part and central (there it is again Greek Spirit, glorious me at the centre). What had God said? “I want the top 5 floors of that building for My worship house.” He was just letting me in on His plans, He wasn’t stating His desires and then expecting me to fulfil them for Him, that is sooo backwards in Gods economy. He is God and I am so very not! As it turns out we did get to go up to the top two floors and we played worship music up there and we made some spirit led declarations. We also followed a prompt to prayer walk around the building again making declarations. This is what God prompted and allowed, what didn’t happen was the stuff that I added that included me and what I was going to do.

In the last year God has been talking to me about Tabernacle amongst other things being like Angelic staging or rallying points. That God is using these set apart places for supernatural purposes. So what we dedicate and set apart in the physical, God is then using in the supernatural/spiritual, helping and participating in the releases that He wants to bring to cities and Nations.
This throws a whole other light on Uptown for me. The top 5 floors of this building, the premium/best floors stayed empty for years after the building was completed. So did God achieve exactly what He said He would? “I want the top 5 floors of that building for My worship house.” Was our part simply in preparation by coming into agreement and in the declarations and prayer walks?
Then of course God did exactly what He said He would, as the other floors of the building were rented out the premium top floors remained empty, or at least empty of other businesses.
The apartment that we stayed in for our last season in Munich was provided for us ‘rent free’ the full story is here. This was a gift from a very special family who said that they believed in what God had called us to and wanted to offer this apartment as a first fruits offering unto the Lord. Initially this apartment wasn’t available as planned, Helen & I then returned to Australia for the birth of our son. Later when the apartment did become available it sat empty, set apart and waiting. A few months later we returned to Munich and lived in this lovely light filled apartment. Previous to this revelation I would have said that we arrived and set up a Tabernacle there, but I can clearly see now that God had already established His Tabernacle in that set apart place (The cost was incurred the space was set apart, Holy, with or without us in it.) and was well underway achieving what He wanted to with no need at all for Helen & I to do anything at all. God loves our hearts and our efforts but He is God, not us as Thessalonians reminds us 1Thessalonians 5:24 God, who calls you, is faithful; he will do this.”

As I reflect on this I am sitting in the new Tabernacle room of our home in Denver. This home on a hill above Denver has sat empty for a year before we moved in here. Has God done the same thing here, that this time He set this place apart designating its purpose, using this place for His supernatural and spiritual purposes long before we arrived in this country? Greek thinking tends to focus on us and our efforts but I am coming to see that the things of the spirit are not determined by the things of this world, it is the other way around.

So my update on Uptown is that I believe God did exactly what He wanted to with that building, I believe I added thoughts that people would be involved and praying and praising up there. I think it is OK to dream like this with and for God, but it isn’t OK to think He has failed if our dreams are not fulfilled.
The picture at the top of this Blog is the image of the building from above from ‘google earth’. You can see the cloud of His presence over the building. After God said to us that it was finished, that He had done what He wanted to in Munich and that it was time for us to leave, I looked again and the google earth image no longer showed the cloud. The top floors are now rented out to a business.
Oh to be ‘IN’ on His plans and to be able to try to be useful rather than to have our efforts in fact mucking things up, God help us get over ourselves and look to You and what You are doing I pray.
Thank you that You are God and that You love us and that You are doing mighty things on the Earth.

Your Presence

Sunday, November 15th, 2009 by Mark

This morning as we were preparing to leave for the Shabbat service, I paused for a moment looking out the window onto the Rocky mountains.
As I was looking out the window I believe I received the following download.
‘Where you put your presence is important’. Then I thought about how it is said about Gen X’ers vote with their feet. Meaning that if they don’t like something then they won’t show up at it, this has been at times portrayed as a lack of commitment or not honouring. Yet I thought I heard the Lord whisper to me ‘the Generation that I have prepared to host My presence needs to be careful with what they do with their presence’. Wow… I believe that while it has always been important to all generations to keep pure, to watch what they watch and participate in. This is very much more important to the current generations. The Lord is revealing Himself in new ways, He is training people to Host His presence, not just in set apart Tabernacle type spaces but also in the Tabernacles of our bodies.

What we do with our Tabernacle bodies is important! If we invite Jesus in to come and Tabernacle with us, that is to ‘stay’ then very much so everywhere we go everything we see, we are subjecting God to. Sometimes I am a bit shocked when I see people’s visual diet. What they watch on TV or movies, what they are happy to talk about. Now I’m not saying everyone needs to become a strict legalistic monk. But I am saying that if we want to host His presence in the stay permanently sense, then we need to be thinking also about our presence, the one doing the hosting, and where we allow it to go.

Please add your comments / Thoughts and revelations

Going behind the Veil

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 by Mark

Here is a link to a Blog we have just come across. The tide is moving. I see this revelation of what we are calling ‘Tabernacle’ getting bigger and brighter. God is indeed calling to His Bride to see who will give up on self and enter into His courts, trusting just in Him, making their lives All4Him. I believe more than ever that God is strategically placing people right now, healing, preparing hearts and taking those that are willing to step out in faith into much deeper levels of revelation and understanding. What will you do if you feel Him tugging on your heart? Will you move? Do you trust God that much? Can you trust God that much? Should you? Good questions to have answers too before they are asked. Right now I can hear a worship song declaring, “People get ready Jesus is coming.” Reader please get ready.
Click here for the link

Holy Places, Thin Places – a Biblical, Historical summary

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008 by Helen

I read this recently & thought it was brilliant summary tracing the concept of God dwelling in a place. This is an except from ‘Punk Monk’. For more



Holy Places, Thin Places

The Holy Place, a place of meeting with God, is a major theme running through the Bible. It begins in Genesis in the Garden of Eden when God walked with Adam and Eve. The patriarchs, such as Abraham, set up altars to mark places of divine meetings. Jacob dreamed at the place he later named Bethel (in Hebrew “the house of God”) and he woke to declare, “Surely the LORD is in this place and I was not aware of it” (Gen. 28:16). He called that piece of desert “the gate of heaven,” and commemorated his encounter with God by building an altar. In the desert, God called to Moses from a burning bush, a physical symbol of the presence of “I AM” (see Exod. 3:1-6). As Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, the people were instructed to set up a “tent of meeting”—the Tabernacle—where God came to reside, His presence like a cloud. For the Israelites, this wasn’t like a group hug or having a “pet god”: It was a personal, brooding, awesome Presence that descended deeply on people as they worshipped. As Jack Hayford has said, “The Tabernacle is not a great hall for the assembling multitudes, but a place of personal encounter, where worshippers bring their covenant offerings.”3


When the Israelites made it to the Promised Land, the Tabernacle became the Temple, a permanent place of prayer and worship. God called for the Temple to be “a house of prayer for all nations” (Isa. 56:7; Matt. 21:13). In the explosive beginning to his Gospel, John wrote that “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14, ESV). Eugene Peterson brought us the same verse in a different way: “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood” (THE MESSAGE).


The holy places of the Celts were sometimes called “thin places” because they believed that the seen elements of earth and the unseen dimensions of heaven were more closely connected in such locations. Thin places could be any place of prayer, from a hermit’s hut to a rugged cliff or beautiful seascape. The designation of certain places as sacred was not rooted in a pantheistic impulse to worship the location itself, but rather in a desire for a personal encounter with God in particular environments. As Susan Hines-Brigger notes, “The hills, the sky, the sea, the forests were not God, but their spiritual qualities revealed God and were connected to God.”4


Now many of us might balk at the suggestion that place matters at all. Isn’t God omnipresent? Doesn’t “sacred space” sound a bit New Age? We must remember that throughout Church history, the idea of the sacred or holy place is recurring—not “new” at all. In many Christian traditions, buildings can be consecrated. In the Anglican Church, a bishop stands outside a new church building and hammers on the door three times after praying these powerful words: Almighty God, we thank you for making us in your image, and to share in the ordering of your world. Receive the work of our hands in this place, now to be set apart for your worship, the building up of the living, and the remembrance of the departed, to the praise and glory of your name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.5


Places can also be special for their familiarity, connecting with us because of their beauty, their peace or the memories we’ve created there. Ultimately, the “thin place” for all of us is the heart, and sometimes being in a place of sacred beauty can soften our hearts to encounter God. Marcus Borg writes that “a thin place is anywhere our hearts are opened.”6


Within the Hebrew Temple in Jerusalem was a giant curtain that separated the people from the Holy of Holies, where the presence of God lingered. When Christ breathed His last on the cross, the curtain was ripped in two from top to bottom (see Matt. 27:51-52). Then and there, the divide was broken—God could “tabernacle” with His people, and the place He would dwell would be our hearts.


At His ascension, calling His disciples to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, Jesus promised, “I’ll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age” (Matt. 28:20, THE MESSAGE). In fulfillment of that promise, the Holy Spirit came on the day of Pentecost to Jesus’ followers, who were gathered in a particular place (see Acts 2). We have no reason to believe that a disciple who had chosen to be elsewhere that day would have been baptized with the Spirit—the place mattered. Jesus Himself had told them as much when He instructed them to wait in Jerusalem (see Acts 1:4-5).


Paul declared that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit (see 1 Cor. 6:19). Right now, Jesus knocks at your heart’s door, longing to come in and dwell. And His dwelling is the key. Holy places are not about buildings or structures—they are about relationship. They are about a God who, from the beginning of time, has longed to be with His people. Is it so hard to contemplate that the God who became a man “and moved into the neighborhood” should still want to work in our lives and our world? Is the “thin place” such a difficult idea to take in?”

Punk Monk

Friday, November 28th, 2008 by Mark

I have just been sent and read a chapter from a Book called Punk Monk. It tells of the writers journey (24/7 Prayer, England) with God of discovering ‘Sacred Space’ or thin places. This is exactly the language that we were using as God first took us to Europe and then took us into Tabernacle and started to teach us that He wanted spaces set aside for Him here on Earth. They are great reflections and I highly recommend reading the chapter and then spending some time asking God what He has for you from it.

You can download the pdf of chapter 2 here.

We would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this chapter, please comment there. Thanks

Tabernacle echo

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 by Helen

“When they came to Jesus & found that He was already dead, they did not break his legs. Instead, one of the soldiers pierced Jesus’ side with a spear, bringing a sudden flow of Blood & water.” John 19:33-34

How utterly consistent is this book of God! Here at the very time of Jesus’ death, the continutiy of this awesome God breathes again. At the moment of the spear being thrust into Jesus side, blood & water flowed out. The message this speaks is stunning!

At the enterance of the Tabernacle of Moses, was the altar where daily sacrifices were made to deal with the sin of the people. Because there is one fundamental aspect about this God we love, He is Holy. Sin is not holy, it is quite the opposite! And sin estranges us from God. So something living had to die, & blood had to be poured over the altar to cancel the sin. This was the role of the Priest in the Tabernacle of Moses. He took the animal, killed it & poured the blood out over the altar. To then move into the presence of God that dwelled in the centre court of the Tabernacle, the Priest would go to the laver, gold bowl filled with water. There he was to wash himself before entering the Holy of Holies. The water dealt with the uncleanilness of not only dealing with a sin sacrifice but also a sinful people. He had to be clean.

This incredible book of the words of God, says that when Jesus who is our Priest died, blood & water flowed out of Him. Here is but another echo of the Tabernacle in the very moment of Jesus death. The message is stunning! In Jesus death, He dealt with sin – our intentional rejection of God & of how He asks us to live (blood flowed out). And He dealt with uncleanliness – like what hits us as we walk past people talking in corse ways or when we turn on the TV & get assaulted with a sudden visual we didn’t want to see before we could change the channnel (water flowed out). In Jesus’s dead body was the message of the Tabernacle, He has dealt with both sin & uncleanliness so that we could experience the presence of God dwelling. And of course prophecy was fulfilled in this moment. Zechariah 13:1 says, “On that day a fountain will be opened up to the house of David & the inhabitants of Jerusalem, to cleanse them from sin & uncleanliness.” Tabernacle, the presence of God dwelling, echoed again in the moment of Jesus death confirmed. How utterly consistent is this God!

The Common and The Holy

Thursday, July 10th, 2008 by Helen

About 2 years ago, I was mopping the floor of our apartment in Munich Germany, where we lived at the time. I had been mopping other parts of the floor area when I came to the Tabernacle area. I began mopping when all of a sudden I stopped. The Lord said to me, “Do not make common what is holy. Go, change the water & use fresh water in this space.”

Over the years we have been asked, “What’s the big deal about setting apart a physical space for the Lord? How can that be different from anywhere else? Anyway, isn’t our body now the ‘temple of God?” This is a question we confronted on our journey of discovering Tabernacle. White Australia does not have a concept nor experience of a sacred space set apart for one particular purpose, other than perhaps the football ground! So part of God taking us to Europe was to deposit this in us & give us an experience of this. Interestingly, first nations (indigenous) peoples all have a concept & experience of sacred spaces.

Ultimately, this is a holiness issue, a holiness question. The very word, holy, means set apart, consecrated. To ‘set apart’ & then consecrate to the Lord a room, chair, time, space of some sort, is to make it holy. Our God is a holy God & when He chooses a space of time or place, & fills it with His presence, He makes it holy.

There were two Tabernacles in the Old Testament before the Temple came. The Tabernacle of Moses teaches us about this very issue of holiness. The second Tabernacle (of David) was about worship & prayer. If we do not understand the holiness of God & know a fear of the Lord, we will worship & pray in a way that will be common, ordinary. Likewise if we do not understand that a holy God has chosen our bodies as His place of dwelling, His temple, & set it apart, consecrating it to Him, we will make it common. We can defile what God sees as holy by treating it as ordinary, normal; like mopping a floor with dirty water. Commonness is the greatest enemy of what is holy, special, sacred.

“Be careful not to treat the holy things as though they were common.” Numbers 18:32

Tabernacle as strategic Last days weapon.

Thursday, June 26th, 2008 by Helen

We have just released a new further revelation on Tabernacle. We believe it is crucial for Gods’ end time plan. Turning all hearts to Him. The power of worship.

Read the .pdf document here.     Then please log in and comment, we would love to hear your thoughts and revelations.


Thursday, June 12th, 2008 by Mark

I have come to the firm decision that any revelation of Tabernacle or ‘The New’ that God is releasing currently on the Earth must have a revelation of Israel.


My Bride

This letter is written to Gentiles
“I want you to understand this mystery, dear brothers and sisters, so that you will not feel proud and start bragging. Some of the Jews have hard hearts, but this will last only until the complete number of Gentiles comes to Christ. 26 And so all Israel will be saved. Do you remember what the prophets said about this? “A Deliverer will come from Jerusalem, and he will turn Israel from all ungodliness. 27 And then I will keep my covenant with them and take away their sins.” 28 Many of the Jews are now enemies of the Good News. But this has been to your benefit, for God has given his gifts to you Gentiles. Yet the Jews are still his chosen people because of his promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. 29 For God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn. 30 Once, you Gentiles were rebels against God, but when the Jews refused his mercy, God was merciful to you instead. 31 And now, in the same way, the Jews are the rebels, and God’s mercy has come to you. But someday they, too, will share in God’s mercy. 32 For God has imprisoned all people in their own disobedience so he could have mercy on everyone.” Romans 11:25-32

I heard an interesting retelling of the story of the Prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) particularly the interpretation of the elder brother that had stayed at home as the Gentiles and the younger brother as the Jews. We were left with the thought that the prodigal brother (the JEWS) is about to return home. We know what the response of the Father will be, and we wait to see just how the brother (Gentile Church) who has stuck with Him (Jesus), will react to this prodigal’s homecoming. How will you react?

20 “So he returned home to his father. And while he was still a long distance away, his father saw him coming. Filled with love and compassion, he ran to his son, embraced him, and kissed him. 21 His son said to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against both heaven and you, and I am no longer worthy of being called your son.’
22 “But his father said to the servants, ‘Quick! Bring the finest robe in the house and put it on him. Get a ring for his finger, and sandals for his feet. 23 And kill the calf we have been fattening in the pen. We must celebrate with a feast, 24 for this son of mine was dead and has now returned to life. He was lost, but now he is found.’ So the party began.
25 “Meanwhile, the older son was in the fields working. When he returned home, he heard music and dancing in the house, 26 and he asked one of the servants what was going on. 27 ‘Your brother is back,’ he was told, ‘and your father has killed the calf we were fattening and has prepared a great feast. We are celebrating because of his safe return.’
28 “The older brother was angry and wouldn’t go in. His father came out and begged him, 29 but he replied, ‘All these years I’ve worked hard for you and never once refused to do a single thing you told me to. And in all that time you never gave me even one young goat for a feast with my friends. 30 Yet when this son of yours comes back after squandering your money on prostitutes, you celebrate by killing the finest calf we have.’
31 “His father said to him, ‘Look, dear son, you and I are very close, and everything I have is yours. 32 We had to celebrate this happy day. For your brother was dead and has come back to life! He was lost, but now he is found!’ ” Luke 15:20-31

The Romans passage ends thus.

33 “Oh, what a wonderful God we have! How great are his riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand his decisions and his methods! 34 For who can know what the Lord is thinking? Who knows enough to be his counselor? 35 And who could ever give him so much that he would have to pay it back? 36 For everything comes from him; everything exists by his power and is intended for his glory. To him be glory evermore. Amen.”       Romans 11:33-36

So what do you think? Is this a relevant interpetation of the prodigal son story? Does Israel NEED to be a part of what God is currently releasing?

Let us know your thoughts

Tabernacle of David 2

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 by Mark

God is really opening up this area for us at the moment. I have just come across a page of great Biblical research on the comming re-opening by God.

Here is the link to the site.

This I think will more appeal to your head than the message in the previous Blog that may speak more to your soul and heart.

I have also noticed that as with most things there can be a ding dong approach, either way to much or way not enough of things or swinging in between these two.

With ‘The New’ sadly we have noticed some groups tend to be hurt by and therefore very negative of the church (God’s bride) while other pages of this site I have linked to here can tend to lead you to believe that the church itself is the ‘Alpha and the Omega’. I am so for and endorse and support God’s church but I tend to think that that title ‘A&O’ belongs to someone else. The church IS God’s bride but in the Jewish setting the focus of a wedding is traditionally on the Groom not the Bride. So should our focus be at the wedding feast of the Lamb. It needs to  ALL be about the Groom (Jesus) not all about the Bride (the church, us).

The Tabernacle of David

Thursday, May 29th, 2008 by Mark

I have just listened to a podcast (message downloaded from the internet) it was recorded at Succat Hallel (Tabernacle of Praise) in Jerusalem. The message is titled The Tabernacle of David it is really powerful & good, it dives into the scriptures surrounding the reinstatement of The Tabernacle of David. So please let me encourage you to download it then curl up somewhere and listen it is really encouraging and really good. (If you havn’t already you will need to download Quicktime Player to play it)

Once you have listened to the message please leave a comment as to what you thought or how it Blessed you.