The Tabernacle Blog

is a Christian Blog space specifically for people to share their experiences with God in set apart Tabernacle spaces. It is not a place specific to Tabernacle, hearing God’s voice or direct revelation and similar experiences (we understand this will vary widely for people and will include places in Nature).

As it is a Blog, we welcome people to make entries / start topics and then for these entries to be commented on. We value thought through relevant comments. Administration kindly reserves the right to publish or not, blogs that are relevant to this site.

Once one blog is posted you will be able to post without delay.


Blog Categories

My Tabernacle experience. This is for blogging, reading & commenting on blogs written about Tabernacle experiences.

Tabernacle at home This is for blogging, reading & commenting on blogs written on establishing Tabernacle spaces be it at home or elsewhere.

Tabernacle discussion This is for blogging, reading and commenting on blogs written about the Biblical Tabernacle of David, God restoring the Tabernacle of David (Acts 15:16) or the Biblical Tabernacle of Moses, or other related topics.

Sydney & the Blue Mountains – prophecy, words & pictures This is for reading & commenting on the prophetic impressions from the nations written about the establishment of a Presence Place/Watering Hole.

Click on one of these links to view the Blogs (web logs) of people’s Tabernacle experiences with God. Comment if you like or add your own experience.

This daily Bible verse will automatically change every day, so come by and have a read or listen as often as you like!