New Passion for Jesus

May 12th, 2009 by katy

I’ve been discovering that there’s something that happens in the Tabernacle spaces that is so much deeper than I ever thought. I could never understand what God does in me in those times until I’m out in my life, living out the fruit of being with God in a focused abandoned way. While I’m in there loving on Jesus, He is the object of my attention and my affection. In those places of surrender shifts take place, the hardened ground of my heart is broken up and I go out into my life with His Spirit in a deeper way. Love for Jesus and His wonderful presence is literally taking me over. Lately I have been having Tabernacle experiences not just in the Tabernacle space. I can’t contain what God is doing in me and it spills out. “My heart is stirred by a noble theme”. He has become my obsession and is always on my mind. I am distracted by this lover, this love, this Jesus, ever present. I can’t contain Him or separate Him. These last days God has been increasing my hunger for Himself, He seeks me out regularly. He makes His Tabernacle in me and I walk around my house, region, my life, driving in my car, with my spirit crying out to Him: “I just want to love on you Jesus. I just want to love you more, more, more”. There’s a groaning in me- a sense of losing myself and that I’m but a part of all of creation- laid open before God. He shows me Himself and my passion for Him is freshly ignited and I’m so hungry. He meets with me, drawing me close. He fills me and satisfies me until I’m overflowing with love for Him and I try to move on, to get on with life again…But it seems a hopeless cause these last few days. I’m just seeking Him. Normality is not an option because He’s everywhere and I’m so consumed with His presence. He saturates the very air I breathe. He catches my gaze, my attention and before I know it, I’m just with Him again, surrendering myself, numerous times a day. My dishes are building up but His word is so clear.

Today I was driving home when I found myself being drawn to a friend’s place- it was like I was driving but I wasn’t. I found my friend in her backyard and I approached her saying: “I don’t quite know why I’m here”. She seemed to know why I had come- she had something to show me. She led me through her house excitedly telling me how she had recently been kept up by God cleaning her room until 2.30am… The outcome- a new Tabernacle space and a painting she painted with the Holy Spirit last week. I knew at once that I was drawn to His presence now invited to be there in her home in a new way. I stayed for a while and my friend played me a song God has been using to minister to her of late. I felt privileged to share in God with her and the joy of knowing Him. We celebrated Him together and we (2 grown women) and our little boys danced to the song in her kitchen getting lost in God, His Spirit’s liberty…and how in Him, all things are possible.

A Munich Tabernacle Experience

April 11th, 2009 by Mark

During our couple of weeks in Munich we had a few opportunities to hang out in the Tabernacle there, one evening there was an overwhelming sense of peace and then the next day I had this powerful encounter.

Here is the note that I wrote.

Mark there is more, more freedom for you. Bring it on God, bring it on. Mark I want you to stand and to receive from Me that which you for so long have sort from Me, stand now. I stood under the open roof vent window and felt a breeze flow across me, then I felt Gods presence rest heavily on me and I felt pressure and didn’t resist it so I fell down. I lay on the mat and the Spirit ministered to me, I don’t know what happened but it was deep, I then drifted off to sleep. It was a beautiful experience and I am sure God has done much, much restoring and much healing and much refreshing, Thank you Jesus, Thank you.

Man your Tabernacle is fantastic! Last night there was just the most wonderful peace and rest, so very very inviting, then now such power…

Hmm I think I want to stay here…

Thanks for allowing this space in your space

Childlike spirit

January 30th, 2009 by Mark

When we first came across this we were living in Germany where this was called ‘kindlicher Geist’ and it was a major and very powerful thing when Germans were able to be free and operate in a Childlike Spirit before God. This is not a childish Spirit, but childlike where there is great freedom and inhibition in God, it is wonderful to behold. Of course it is powerful for people of any nationality, when people abandon their preconceived ideas and themselves and don’t worry about how they look or how they might be perceived, but operate in faith wanting to experience God in new and powerful ways, it takes faith and it takes humility.

I heard this at a whole new level when I was listening to reports of what happened at the Azuza st revival in America. They were talking about the presence of God entering the meetings and kids would be running around and playing with the presence, this sounds so right to me and what I know of God. While this was happening healings would take place and we are talking about limbs growing back here, whole legs or feet would just grow back right before people’s eyes, the blind would see the deaf would hear. As I was listening to this wonderful report of people being so close to God, I believe God spoke to me about the approach that He loves people to have when they come to Him and when they want Him to come.

I’m sure we all agree that there is just awesome power and it is an absolutely wonderful thing to experience the presence of God. But why do people want to experience the presence of God. WIIFT What’s in it for them. Here is where I believe the Lord whispered to me that He is looking for pure hearts and childlikeness.

When we come to God it shouldn’t be because we want ‘good worship’ or because we want to be known as people who ‘dwell with God’. It shouldn’t even be because we want to see healingings, or even because we want to see people saved. Desiring God’s presence should be for the sake of His presence, to be with Him.(It’s OK to desire God’s presence, it just isn’t Ok to want His presence just for the ‘stuff’ you gotta want Him.) In other words we shouldn’t desire God for what He will do for us or our reputation, we should only desire the presence for the presence, think of it in terms of a human to human relationship, if you are just in a relationship for the benefits and what you can get from it then the other person is very quickly likely to pick up on your motives. It is the same with God, He of course knows what is in our hearts. I’m not talking about being perfect here but I know that in my relationship with God I want to be a lover and His bride, I want to love Him for Him.

I have just re read this and I feel I have missed something important here, there are many times when I have gone to God, desperate for His touch or a word or some encourgement, God loves it when His children come to Him and it is a huge truth that we can come to Him at any time. I just wanted this blog to be a reminder of the power of a childlike spirit, and how much I want to come to Him with no agenda from Him.


January 28th, 2009 by Mark

We have a new category.

Revelations about God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit: A place to Blog your revelations about God, either in Tabernacle spaces or from the Word or wherever.

We love talking about how Big and Good and wonderful that He is, so please share your revelations and their circumstances here.

A Tabernacle experience I didn’t have

January 28th, 2009 by katy

Behold, happy is the man whom God corrects; therefore do not despise the chastening of the Almighty. For He bruises but He binds up; He wounds, but His hands make whole” (Job 5:17&18)

I have had an extraordinary night. It is after 2am in the morning but I felt I must write about it. Over the last few days I have been very busy with many people in my life who are in need. It feels like I have been rushing from one thing to another. Tonight I was at my father’s house with my husband and our boys having dinner. I dropped my husband and children off there first and went to a family who lived close by. They are an Aboriginal family who I worked with as their counsellor over the last 2 years. I still see them when they need support even though I don’t work at the workplace I was at. I dropped my family at my father’s and went to see them. The woman who was my client had her birthday yesterday and had communicated to me that she needed a “yarn” (talk). I had advocated to child protection just a year ago that this woman get custody of her daughter who was self harming in a small Aboriginal community in Western Australia. The daughter had come to live with her mother and I stood in awe of God as I watched Him provide for them. Not only had I seen them access housing; God had provided a scholarship for schooling for the daughter at a very prestigious girls grammar school in an expensive area of Melbourne. I watched the young woman blossom and excel in drama. More excitingly, Jesus sparked a fire in their hearts and over the year, I watched on as they become passionate lovers of Him. I worked very closely with them and got to know their stories of past trauma very intimately. It seemed God was replacing trans-generational cycles of drug and alcohol abuse, family violence, sexual abuse and trauma with healing, reconciliation, “a future and a hope” (Jeremiah 29:11). But tonight, I sat down with the woman for a cuppa (cup of tea) and she told me that her 17 year old had something to tell me. The daughter told me that she is going to have a baby-resulting from their returning home over Christmas and to an old boyfriend. I spent most of the next hour listening to their plans, fears, their concerns, embarrassment and stories about what Jesus has been showing them. Interestingly, I had felt the Holy Spirit tell me that the daughter was involved with sexual sin the week before when I went to pick them up from the airport. Despite the ‘warning’ my heart was still heavy with the news of her pregnancy. It seemed they had come so far and that this was a major setback. We prayed together and I left them to return to my dad’s house where my family was.

My dad, step mother and their 3 teenage children were also at my dad’s when I arrived. Not long after I had finished eating my dinner (that had gone cold waiting for me to return) my 17 year old sister approached me, asking me if I would like to go into the city to watch the Australia Day fireworks. My 19 year old sister Rachael and some of her friends were also attending. I knew in a moment that there was a ‘rightness’ about me going with them but soon that small ‘yes’ in my spirit was drowned out with pictures of crowds in the city, my busy previous days and thoughts of the next few days that will also be busy. It is rare that my sister asks much of me at all and I could feel her eyes on me as I looked down to give my answer. She really wanted me to come and as I said ‘no’ I felt so wise, cocky and ‘aren’t I good for not getting sucked into busyness’.

Along with the news of the pregnancy of the daughter of my Aboriginal friend, in the car on the way home my husband made an innocent joke that triggered a deep pain in me, relating to a burden I have carried for a long time in my heart-to be pregnant with a daughter. A fierce determination rose up in me to get answers from God on this matter. I had carried this burden for a year or more and was ready to hear some solid direction from the Lord- was it supposed to be or not? I wept on the way home and as soon as we were in the door I started getting changed. I had been ‘welcomed’ to use Mark and Helen’s Tabernacle space to be with God and this was the night! It was close to 9pm after I had showered my children and put them to bed, but I was not going to leave that lovely space until God had shed some light on this thing I had been hurting about for so long. The leaving my home and making a journey to a specific place to meet with God, was, to me like a sign to God that I was ‘for real’. I text messaged Helen’s mobile, asking to use the space and didn’t get a reply. I tried to ring and no answer. I told my husband who was in full support of me going and he said “why don’t you drive over there and see what happens- bring your mobile”. When I got there I could see lights on- a good sign they weren’t a sleep, so I gently approached the door and knocked softly. Mark came to the door and explained that when he and Helen had prayed about me coming that night that God had said “no…it’s a timing thing. We didn’t know how to tell you, so decided not to text. It’s a bit awkward now that you’re here, but no. I hope you understand”. I didn’t. I left promptly, feeling so embarrassed and confused “God, what are you doing?” I got home, lay on the couch and waited. Helen had texted me to say ‘sorry’ and it wasn’t until an hour or so later that I was released to text her back “It’s ok”. As I sat there God slowly revealed to me why… The plan I had- to go there and talk to Him about ‘that thing’- wasn’t His plan. His plan for me tonight had been for me to spend time with my sisters. The Holy Spirit reminded me of the moment that He had revealed His desire for me to go with them “Remember that dear one. Remember that feeling.” Tears streamed as I realised I had missed it. I had rationalised away a divine appointment. There were good reasons not to go, but the Holy Spirit wants me to be sensitive to His promptings. I realised I had made a god out of creating space. He revealed to me that there will be days on end that it feels like I have one thing after another, but then there will be days to stop. Do I not trust Him to provide? Am I willing to be manoeuvred by the winds of His seasons? -Some fuller than others.

Had I come home and gone with my plan to pray about my issue and everything had fallen into place, I would have failed to be aware of that particular moment that I quenched the Holy Spirit -and most likely would have continued to do so… and might still? (Please God, no). I know if Mark and Helen had not prayed and chose to let me use that space, I would have met with God. -Because He is in there. But I could imagine I may have been so caught up in the love of who He is and dwelling in His presence in ‘my’ way-the way I wanted to, that I probably would have completely missed his point about timing and about what He actually had planned for me to do tonight- being with my sisters. I submit this to you; don’t assume God wants you in the Tabernacle. Ask Him first (or you might get embarrassed!) “I do want to speak with you about that thing. But just not tonight. There was another thing for you to do.” Also, Tabernacle is a space for God, so don’t be with Him there for what He can do for you. Be with Him for what you can do for/to Him. Don’t approach Tabernacle to get answers or to get anything- or with any other agenda (unless He gives you one).

Firstly tonight, He was showing me that I need to trust my ability to hear His voice, despite the circumstances that may be opposed to His direction. I tried to go to sleep a couple of hours ago but God has kept peeling the layers off the onion that is my soul and showing me more about the significance of what happened tonight! Last night, our 3 year old had woken up in the middle of the night and Daniel and I had got into an argument. Tired out, I had said to him: “I do want to speak to you about it but just not now”. It was a timing thing. God had given me an insight into how He feels, so secondly He was also showing me that He has prepared me for this night. He showed me a dream I had of Helen last week, on Thursday night. We were on a busy street outside an ATM and she was telling me “I won’t do to you what others have done” she hugged me and I knew that she was talking about rejection. Thirdly, God was shining light on brokenness that remains in me, that still needs healing. -Brokenness from my family of origin. -Remnants of anger and jealousy of my dad’s family from his second marriage. Anger left behind that maybe helped me to feel good about rejecting my sister’s request to go with them tonight- my opportunity to have power (cringe). There is so much God is showing me. He is doing a major clean up work in me. I’m weeping. It hurts, but I trust Him. He is a good Dad and He disciplines those He loves. It’s with this softness and humility that I will next approach my God in the Tabernacle- the place He dwells.

My tabernacle experience

January 6th, 2009 by katy

I was unsure where to blog in this website as I’m thinking that what I’m sharing includes all 3 categories- my tabernacle experiences over the last fortnight- which has included setting up one at home – but also contributing to the ongoing discussions. What a great resource and encouragement this site is!

A new journey in God began a number of weeks ago for me now and I have struggled to put words on what has happened. Doesn’t that speak of how big and uncontainable God is and the experiences we have with Him? Words aren’t enough.

Busy and Dry
The life giving breath of the Holy Spirit has recently come afresh into my life to awaken me and bring change. Despite seasons gone by of passion for God, my spiritual life has been very sleepy and reeking of apathy for quite some time. I didn’t know how disconnected and distracted from God I had become until He visited with me like He did. My husband and I have experienced much change in the natural realm since we were married 8 years ago. Change including study, moving interstate, two babies, a grieving process and this year in particular, both of us in changeable, demanding work positions while moving into and renovating the current house we are living in. Both of us have also continued in ministry positions at our local church. My busy, tired life was like death and dryness to my heart- its landscape mirroring the drought stricken land here in Australia.

Cleaning Out
My children and I attend a play group with the local mums (mainly church families) once a week. It was in this setting I first met Helen and her son, Joel-Mark, newcomers to our group. I enjoyed talking with Helen over the weeks, but there was something I found very unsettling about this new woman. I felt ‘squirmy’. I didn’t recognise this as God and the only thing I could put it down to was that there was a new mum in mums group and she had an ‘affect’ on me. Determined to understand more about why I felt this way I asked Helen and Joel-Mark to come and visit at my house one morning. The first thing I did as they walked up the stairs to my front door, was point out to them the massive pile of rubbish my husband had been pulling out from under the house- old heating systems, plaster, old toys, dust, rubbish… It was all sitting there at the side of the house and my youngest son had been unwell with terrible coughing at night and tummy problems as a lot of dust had been stirred up. Helen walked in and recognised the music I had playing, naming the singer and telling me that it was prophetic of the work we had been doing in cleaning out the house. As they left, Helen prayed for our family speaking words about the work we were doing in cleaning out the space for God to fill. Like a response, I went into auto mode with my deadened mind and blurted out words in the form of a prayer that felt quite empty. Then something rose up in me and I said “We love You Jesus”. My spirit had prayed it, and my mouth had gone along with it. Helen agreed with the prayer “Yes” and I sensed the Holy Spirit present in a moment. Out on the driveway, saying goodbye, Helen felt to lend me a Misty Ewards CD. I listened to it all afternoon and the music and lyrics were so life giving. I opened myself up to hungering after God again, my spirit inclining toward the warmth of God like a flower does to the sun. That same night, there was a big rain outside and I started to vomit like I never have before. This continued for 3-4 hours every 10 minutes. As I was lying in my bed listening to the rain outside and feeling very unwell, I had the sense that God was doing something big. The next day I woke up as though nothing had happened. I was not sick at all.

Listening to God
Over the next two days I kept playing the Misty Edwards music playing in my home and car and by Saturday night God’s presence was lingering with me. I spent some time reading on the Tabernacle website and my hunger for God increased. Late on Saturday night I tried to get ready to go to bed when I heard God say “There have been seeds that have fallen onto dead soil”. I was leading with the worship team at church the next morning and knew I should get to bed. I climbed in and tried to sleep, but God continued pouring His word into my heart. He showed me other people experiencing His presence again, a great awakening among the people of God. He told me He was coming like the rain and that He would bring the substance of our hearts back to life as the rain does the substance of the earth. I saw a returning to our first love. Jesus!! I saw fresh ears, fresh eyes, fresh hearts feeling alive again to God’s presence, aching to be with Him and to see Him- years of a dormant crop taking affect. I felt God arousing His people to places of faith again: faith in a yet to be seen harvest, a harvest people had given up on. I was up that night until 3am praying and listening to God. I tried to go to sleep only to be awoken by His voice. I mentioned it to my pastor who then released me to share my experience with the church. As I spoke about the rain of God, it rained outside.

That same afternoon I got home from church and I was overcome by an overwhelming desire to clean up. I found myself moving furniture and clearing space. I shuffled, cleaned and prayed while the worship music played. I didn’t know what I was doing until I felt God instructing me to put one half of our lounge room aside for Him- a tabernacle; a dwelling place for His presence. I was raised in and met Jesus in the Catholic Church, and therefore the notion of sacred spaces was familiar to me. It felt very natural to return to my first love in this way. In the Catholic Church a tabernacle is a place where the Eucharist (Jesus manifest in the communion bread) is stored and I remember my dad taking me to mass as a little girl and reminding me to genuflect towards the tabernacle as I entered a church.

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since that day God took up residence here and there has been huge change in my house and in my family and I. God has given me opportunities to pray for people to be healed (perhaps they were always there and I just didn’t recognise them)… and He’s released me to share the hunger He has given me with other people. The biggest change however, is in the way I am with God and what He does with me in that space on my lounge room floor. Prayer and reading the bible has gone from being a chore to a delightful feast, so much so I sometimes choose prayer over food and sleep. His word has been coming alive to me and stories I’ve carried with me since childhood are becoming real and life giving (like the dormant harvest I saw springing forth with the rain of God). I’ve revisited the Old Testament and God’s relationship with His beloved Israel again- as though for the first time. I’m aware of the word in my heart and sensing God’s eye on me as one of His chosen people who He’s longing to be with, like Moses, Jonah, Joseph and David. I feel called and purposeful and approved of. Jesus of the gospels is also captivating me again. That I- in all my uncleanness could minister to Him. That He would enjoy me and what I do to Him. That I could do anything to Him! That He would even notice! The exchange of love I am blessed with in God’s presence is something I can’t begin to describe.

The Flesh
There continue to be busy days in my family life and time with God can get neglected. It’s in those times I realise with despair how quickly and easily I take back control of my life. Just as the housework piles up, so too does the house work in my heart. How quickly the filth of the flesh builds. The dirty washing, dishes, thoughts… I can see why Paul needed to “pray without ceasing”. On one occasion soon after my God encounter begun, I realised just how little space there was for this big God in my full life. He has a lot of work to do in my unclean heart and that takes time. I felt a free falling sensation and a bit out of control. Gripping at the sides I attempted to plan how I might return to normality and structure- how I might fit God in. It was like a default mechanism I returned to after years of bad habits, but all the while God was gracious and every few nights I would rise in the dark and spend intimate hours with Him, usually in the book of Psalms.

Even when I wander He gently pursues me and draws me back in toward Himself and all I can do is lay there allowing Him to. This week has been interesting as just when I don’t think I can hold anymore in, He ushers me in again revealing another layer of His grace and glory until there’s no more room and I have to shed layers of myself just to be. One morning I woke up early with Psalm 63 on my heart where it says “…Your love is better than life” and the Holy Spirit resounding in me “Do you really believe that? What then are you willing to sacrifice in response to this- if that’s true?” Later that day, I was ministered to by Misty Edwards singing “Letting go of the mountain view, letting go- but what into?” and I felt like Mary pondering all these things in my heart, wondering what all this means and where it’s all going. What would it be like for me to live as the Israelites and not move until that cloud moved and not stop until that cloud stopped? The relinquishing of my self and my life as it was, to be with Him.

Dead men, see God…

January 2nd, 2009 by Helen

“Then the churches had rest throughout all Judea & Galilee & Samaria, & were edified; & walking in the fear of the Lord, & in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, were multiplied.”
Acts 9:31

These words has been echoing in my spirit for some weeks now… “Walking in the fear of the Lord & in the comfort of the Holy Spirit”.

How differently we walk, when we do so knowing the fear of the Lord! I have observed in my own life & in the lives of others, that there is a very different way of walking after experiencing the terrifying, sobering reality we call the ‘fear of the Lord.’ Those who have encountered this aspect of the presence of the Lord are never the same again. For it is indeed a terrifying thing, the fire of God (Hebrews 12:28-29). From this moment on, there is a very deep knowing that comes when God will not tolerate our flesh anymore for it reeks of the world, & in his great love, shakes us & delivers us. This is the awesome raw power of our God. A terrifying thing. Only dead men, see God’s face & walk away. God warned Moses this. “No one can see My face & live.” (Ex 33:20) People who have been prepared to be ‘broken & contrite of heart’ (Psalm 51) when God shakes the heavens & the earth, see Him. It takes death to really see Him. They know & have tasted of His holiness, his sacredness. He restores our respect & awe of Him. This is a treasured thing. There are never any regrets the other side of experiencing the fear of God.

At some point in the journey, in the pursuit of the presence of God, we will encounter His holiness… & therefore, our unholiness. If we do not, it is not His presence!

Yet it is those who have encountered the fear of God, that also know the incredible undeserved comfort of the Holy Spirit. The sweetness, the amazing gentle but honest comfort of the Holy Spirit. With the raw power & uncompromising holiness comes a tenderness, a comfort. Such apparent opposites existing together. When God comes, He messes with our heads & definitions of what is acceptable; what is understandable. Ask Mary! When the Holy Spirit came, she got pregnant. It got messy for Mary. How people talked & what a headache for Joseph! Who would believe that a young girl, engaged to be married was made pregnant by God!!! Yet in the midst of all the mess, was the comfort of the Holy Spirit. To both Mary & Joseph, this came through angels. Keep an eye out for feathers! Since May 2008, we have been experiencing feathers appearing in our house, our clothes, all kinds of places. In Bethel Church USA, feathers have been falling from the steal Basketball stadium roof where the Church meets, for over 13 years now! God messed with what was acceptable. Opposites exist together. Fear & comfort.

The followers of Jesus walked in the fear of the Lord & the comfort of the Holy Spirit & they were edified & found rest. There is such amazing rest, walking in the fear of the Lord & the comfort of the Holy Spirit!

Holy Places, Thin Places – a Biblical, Historical summary

December 9th, 2008 by Helen

I read this recently & thought it was brilliant summary tracing the concept of God dwelling in a place. This is an except from ‘Punk Monk’. For more



Holy Places, Thin Places

The Holy Place, a place of meeting with God, is a major theme running through the Bible. It begins in Genesis in the Garden of Eden when God walked with Adam and Eve. The patriarchs, such as Abraham, set up altars to mark places of divine meetings. Jacob dreamed at the place he later named Bethel (in Hebrew “the house of God”) and he woke to declare, “Surely the LORD is in this place and I was not aware of it” (Gen. 28:16). He called that piece of desert “the gate of heaven,” and commemorated his encounter with God by building an altar. In the desert, God called to Moses from a burning bush, a physical symbol of the presence of “I AM” (see Exod. 3:1-6). As Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, the people were instructed to set up a “tent of meeting”—the Tabernacle—where God came to reside, His presence like a cloud. For the Israelites, this wasn’t like a group hug or having a “pet god”: It was a personal, brooding, awesome Presence that descended deeply on people as they worshipped. As Jack Hayford has said, “The Tabernacle is not a great hall for the assembling multitudes, but a place of personal encounter, where worshippers bring their covenant offerings.”3


When the Israelites made it to the Promised Land, the Tabernacle became the Temple, a permanent place of prayer and worship. God called for the Temple to be “a house of prayer for all nations” (Isa. 56:7; Matt. 21:13). In the explosive beginning to his Gospel, John wrote that “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14, ESV). Eugene Peterson brought us the same verse in a different way: “The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood” (THE MESSAGE).


The holy places of the Celts were sometimes called “thin places” because they believed that the seen elements of earth and the unseen dimensions of heaven were more closely connected in such locations. Thin places could be any place of prayer, from a hermit’s hut to a rugged cliff or beautiful seascape. The designation of certain places as sacred was not rooted in a pantheistic impulse to worship the location itself, but rather in a desire for a personal encounter with God in particular environments. As Susan Hines-Brigger notes, “The hills, the sky, the sea, the forests were not God, but their spiritual qualities revealed God and were connected to God.”4


Now many of us might balk at the suggestion that place matters at all. Isn’t God omnipresent? Doesn’t “sacred space” sound a bit New Age? We must remember that throughout Church history, the idea of the sacred or holy place is recurring—not “new” at all. In many Christian traditions, buildings can be consecrated. In the Anglican Church, a bishop stands outside a new church building and hammers on the door three times after praying these powerful words: Almighty God, we thank you for making us in your image, and to share in the ordering of your world. Receive the work of our hands in this place, now to be set apart for your worship, the building up of the living, and the remembrance of the departed, to the praise and glory of your name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.5


Places can also be special for their familiarity, connecting with us because of their beauty, their peace or the memories we’ve created there. Ultimately, the “thin place” for all of us is the heart, and sometimes being in a place of sacred beauty can soften our hearts to encounter God. Marcus Borg writes that “a thin place is anywhere our hearts are opened.”6


Within the Hebrew Temple in Jerusalem was a giant curtain that separated the people from the Holy of Holies, where the presence of God lingered. When Christ breathed His last on the cross, the curtain was ripped in two from top to bottom (see Matt. 27:51-52). Then and there, the divide was broken—God could “tabernacle” with His people, and the place He would dwell would be our hearts.


At His ascension, calling His disciples to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, Jesus promised, “I’ll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age” (Matt. 28:20, THE MESSAGE). In fulfillment of that promise, the Holy Spirit came on the day of Pentecost to Jesus’ followers, who were gathered in a particular place (see Acts 2). We have no reason to believe that a disciple who had chosen to be elsewhere that day would have been baptized with the Spirit—the place mattered. Jesus Himself had told them as much when He instructed them to wait in Jerusalem (see Acts 1:4-5).


Paul declared that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit (see 1 Cor. 6:19). Right now, Jesus knocks at your heart’s door, longing to come in and dwell. And His dwelling is the key. Holy places are not about buildings or structures—they are about relationship. They are about a God who, from the beginning of time, has longed to be with His people. Is it so hard to contemplate that the God who became a man “and moved into the neighborhood” should still want to work in our lives and our world? Is the “thin place” such a difficult idea to take in?”

I will waste my Life

December 3rd, 2008 by Mark

Here is another song from Misty Edwards of IHOP.
It is a wonderful hearts cry to surrender to Jesus and a wonderful tool to take us into worship. It fits well with the thought of our lives as an Alabaster Jar.

So why not put everything else aside for 5 mins and let your heart minister to the Lord as you sing this song to Him.

Punk Monk

November 28th, 2008 by Mark

I have just been sent and read a chapter from a Book called Punk Monk. It tells of the writers journey (24/7 Prayer, England) with God of discovering ‘Sacred Space’ or thin places. This is exactly the language that we were using as God first took us to Europe and then took us into Tabernacle and started to teach us that He wanted spaces set aside for Him here on Earth. They are great reflections and I highly recommend reading the chapter and then spending some time asking God what He has for you from it.

You can download the pdf of chapter 2 here.

We would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this chapter, please comment there. Thanks

Don’t pray for peace

October 27th, 2008 by Mark

I was spending time in the Tabernacle the other day and I was praying and asking God about some relational stuff that I was going through and I heard Him say to me “Don’t pray for peace in your relationships pray for Health”. At first I was confused by the first part of this, don’t pray for peace?? I thought surely I heard that wrong. But then as I thought about it, the absolute profoundness of this hit home. If ‘peace’ in a relationship is your main thing or main goal then your responses and what you allow people to do are very different than if ‘health’ in a relationship is the main thing. I started to think about different relationships that I have with people, and how I believe that I have been for years having ‘Peace’ as the ultimate aim. The outcome of this is that I have allowed and participated in unhealthy stuff that I was uneasy about but allowed because doing as the other party wanted bought ‘peace’ or at least avoidance of conflict. Now as I have walked in this new revelation for a couple of weeks, I do truly believe it was a word from God as I believe it is profound and it has bought great freedom and health to me.

When I have ‘health’ as my ultimate goal I am not afraid of or manipulated by a little ruffling of feathers or other people not getting what they want from me, like I would have been if I was looking for peace. When Health in relationships is my goal, I am finding myself to be freer to be myself to say what I truly believe and to be more forthright and honest. I can say that I am enjoying this revelation and that I love healthy relationships. Interestingly enough, ‘true peace’ comes when you know that you have acted in open healthy ways, the false peace or calm may be disrupted along the way, but the true peace that comes from healthy relationships is well worth it. Maybe I have finally learnt what ‘peace’ in relationships actually is??!!

I am cautious that I need to keep pride in check as I do this, always acting in humility otherwise I might find myself pridefully disrupting relationships or not caring enough for the feelings of others, but I have a new main thing that I aim for in relationships, it is no longer Peace but now HEALTH.

Tabernacle echo

October 23rd, 2008 by Helen

“When they came to Jesus & found that He was already dead, they did not break his legs. Instead, one of the soldiers pierced Jesus’ side with a spear, bringing a sudden flow of Blood & water.” John 19:33-34

How utterly consistent is this book of God! Here at the very time of Jesus’ death, the continutiy of this awesome God breathes again. At the moment of the spear being thrust into Jesus side, blood & water flowed out. The message this speaks is stunning!

At the enterance of the Tabernacle of Moses, was the altar where daily sacrifices were made to deal with the sin of the people. Because there is one fundamental aspect about this God we love, He is Holy. Sin is not holy, it is quite the opposite! And sin estranges us from God. So something living had to die, & blood had to be poured over the altar to cancel the sin. This was the role of the Priest in the Tabernacle of Moses. He took the animal, killed it & poured the blood out over the altar. To then move into the presence of God that dwelled in the centre court of the Tabernacle, the Priest would go to the laver, gold bowl filled with water. There he was to wash himself before entering the Holy of Holies. The water dealt with the uncleanilness of not only dealing with a sin sacrifice but also a sinful people. He had to be clean.

This incredible book of the words of God, says that when Jesus who is our Priest died, blood & water flowed out of Him. Here is but another echo of the Tabernacle in the very moment of Jesus death. The message is stunning! In Jesus death, He dealt with sin – our intentional rejection of God & of how He asks us to live (blood flowed out). And He dealt with uncleanliness – like what hits us as we walk past people talking in corse ways or when we turn on the TV & get assaulted with a sudden visual we didn’t want to see before we could change the channnel (water flowed out). In Jesus’s dead body was the message of the Tabernacle, He has dealt with both sin & uncleanliness so that we could experience the presence of God dwelling. And of course prophecy was fulfilled in this moment. Zechariah 13:1 says, “On that day a fountain will be opened up to the house of David & the inhabitants of Jerusalem, to cleanse them from sin & uncleanliness.” Tabernacle, the presence of God dwelling, echoed again in the moment of Jesus death confirmed. How utterly consistent is this God!

Don’t know till it’s gone

September 12th, 2008 by Linda W

We will be moving back to Oregon the end of this month and we don’t know our address just yet. We are doing a Mark & Helen thing…..getting Divine Direction, packing up and moving with no job,  house or income.  We didn’t go as far as to copy you completely though… we left out the pregnancy part!


You both have been a blessing, both teaching us and being teachable yourselves. We are getting the Tabernacle concept more and more just through the Holy Spirit, but you guys started it!  I actually realized just the other day that I was practicing that concept but didn’t know it in the Oregon home we left last year. I have a 1,000 square foot room (was a shop) remodeled into a giant daycare room. But it was my private Tabernacle in the mornings and our home church Tabernacle on the weekend.

 I have had a missing piece in my spirit ever since we left that house because there is not such a private dedicated space in this house, especially with 4 students.  I thought I was just spoiled with such a large room and that was the loss I was feeling;   I realize that it is because of the solitude, privacy, freedom and the consistency of worship that created that Tabernacle Spirit. I’m sure there is more to it that we will be learning, but for now we are looking for how to create that special place in the next abode, after we get out of the motor home and into the house (that is coming) close to the new job (that is coming).

Thank you for your excellent guiding and nudging. We look forward to learning more about it.

Keep in touch and be blessed abundantly with His Peace and Presence.

Linda W

Rebuilding the Tabernacle

August 29th, 2008 by Hunju Choe

After these things I will return, and I will rebuild the Tabernacle of David which has fallen, and I will rebuild its ruins, and I will restore it. (Acts15:16 NASB)

Last year, we set up a Tabernacle in our home. In the presence of God, there was touch of God, anointing, healing and rest.

But as time went on, the Tabernacle began to fall little by little. Being busy with ministry, the time at the feet of Jesus became less and less. The time in God’s presence became less and less. The Tabernacle was getting neglected.

Ministry began to replace intimacy. Busyness began to replace stillness. My plans began to replace God’s voice.

A few weeks ago, the Lord spoke to my heart clearly. “It’s time for you to rebuild the Tabernacle which has fallen.” “It’s time to restore it.”

And He reminded me of David moving the ark of God into Jerusalem. So we moved the Tabernacle from the corner of the bedroom to the livingroom-the centre of our home.

He also reminded me of the priest keeping the fire of God burning in the Old Testament. So we bought a candlestick and lit the candle. And we put on worship CDs and let it play day and night. 

Now the music is playing again. the fire of worship is burning. The incense of prayer is rising. The sweet presence of the Lord is filling our home.

Lord, let this fire never go out. Let it burn till the fire of God’s glory covers the earth. Just as the priests, let me keep the fire burning day and night, night and day. Lord, let the fire burn! Let it burn!!


August 28th, 2008 by Mark

My Bride

I was inspired the other day, I was watching a ‘Wiggles Space dancing’ DVD with my son. They were talking about Space and what was out there, The Wiggles answer was ‘well, Space’. Then it dawned on me, that in creation the thing that God made the most of, by a huge amount is Space, ie nothing and emptiness. As I pondered this I was impressed by the importance of space to God, and humans seeming inability to be able to handle it. ie give an average human an empty room or space or empty time and they will just want to fill it. Space is so important for us to be able to encounter God, clutter and lack of space is death to being able to hear His voice and dwell in His presence. This applies to time as well, business is also death to intimacy with God.

What is important to us we make space for, sometimes though space is stolen. I have just returned from a trip to Adelaide, we were Blessed to be able to stay in two homes as we travelled, both had large LCD TV’s in the lounge area which was open and flowing into the kitchen and living areas. Both had the TV on a lot. In Adelaide it was on before we got up and it was still on when we went to bed. It reminded me of a visit to a pastor’s house here in Melbourne just recently where again the large screen TV was on. We were invited around for tea, yet before and during the meal and after the meal the TV was on and blaring.

Helen & I work very hard on the atmosphere that we live in, we not only have worship music playing 24/7 in the Tabernacle space we also have it in our home. Our sons room has had 24/7 worship playing every night of his life, we have maintained this on many trips and in many countries. This I know makes us very sensitive to atmospheres that we are not in control of such as shopping centres and other people’s homes. Grace is required as you enter other peoples ’space’ but it also makes you aware of what people allow to have such a dominate influence.

What are you choosing to fill your atmosphere?

A woman’s right to choose – Is it OK to choose to murder?

August 19th, 2008 by Mark

I have just read two articles in the paper online, one saying that 2009 will mark 150 years since the publication of Darwin’s “Origin of the species” and another on some legislation before the Victorian parliament today about legalising abortion.

It makes me contemplate the connection here. The article points to some specific assumptions about life, either there is some order and purpose, ie a creator or there is not, and everything is just random and by chance. I see a clear connection with this science, or actually it is not science which by definition is a reproducible provable event, but an ideology of no creator and the thought that a woman’s right to choose can make it Ok to kill an unborn baby. I remember being in Russia and told of some abortions in Eastern Europe where as a baby was being born (full term) when the head first became visible then a hole would be drilled in the scalp of the baby and the brains pulled out with a hook, this of course killed the baby which was then born dead. I feel sick as I write this but as the baby was never born this was considered OK. You have got to be kidding.

The legislation before the Victorian parliament is talking about legalising the killing of a foetus in the mother’s womb as being OK if it is before a certain number of weeks and not Ok if it is after that point???

A woman’s right to choose, I really think that at the point of conception then the choice has been made and I will clearly state right here that I think it is murdering a human being to take that new life by any means at any time. In our world travels we have discovered that the Koreans have two numbers that they can give you if you ask how old they are, the Korean way is to say your age from when you were conceived but they also can answer in the western way of their age since their birth. I like this a lot, not because it makes me older but clearly as it shows that life begins at conception.

When our child was in the womb we decided to discover the gender and release the name of our child before he was born, this was amongst a pro abortion climate that we are in and Doctor’s suggesting screenings of our child in case there were defects that we might choose not to live with. I remember being given this choice once with a cat in a vet’s office I was comfortable with that but I was very uncomfortable with this offer in regards to a human.

As I write this I remember another little controversy surrounding circumcision. There were voices saying it is not Ok for parents to choose to cut their young child in this way, he may not want that in adult life. Yet now I am hearing it is going to be OK to kill a child just so long as he is only a certain number of weeks in the womb, I do believe that in every case the child would have preferred to live, to at least have the chance to choose to breathe.

It should be pretty obvious to everyone reading this Blog that I am a Christian, I believe that there is a creator and I believe that He (God) is actually very involved and very accessible. I also believe that life begins at conception and that it is not Ok for anyone to step in for any reason and to end that life.

There is one more article from today’s paper that I would like to mention it talks of a little premature baby born in Israel at 23 weeks, that came back to life after 6 hrs in the morgue. I think that God is saying something with this and I think that God has some very special plans for that little life. As I now go back to check the link I see that she has died. But I also noticed that her stories is the No1 link in the world news most viewed stories. Born tiny, died, rose again then died again and the world hears the news all in the day that it happened. What a story, what a life, she has undoubtedly impacted more people with her couple of hours of life than many people will in the entirety of their lives. Today’s legislation wants it to be Ok to kill babies up to 24 weeks, it seems in Israel today that maybe life can begin before full gestation.

Todd Bently -Florida outpouring

August 15th, 2008 by Mark

Please first read the July 17th entry in my personal blog and the endorsements given to Todd.

I received an Email yesterday from God.TV confirming that Todd had separated from his wife, I have just checked the website and it confirms this, then very sadly a quick look at some Blogs on the internet to see many people ‘sticking the knife in’ to Todd and what happened at Florida. Why the ‘christian’ world does this I do not know.

I distinctly remember one speaker in my time at BCV The Bible college of Victoria, he was a guest who just spoke the one time. He told us that he had had the honor of being present in the Pacific on three separate occasions when revival had broken out, he said each time it was different and that the one very sad common thing was that on each occasion the established church missed it. It seemed that we had ‘god’ so defined that we were closed to any other expressions of Him. I distinctly remember at that time vowing to myself that I would never be so closed or proud of my thoughts or theology that I would shut out that which was different to my preconceived ideas.

I fully admit that when I first saw Todd this was a struggle he is ‘out there’ but you know what he is an American ministering mainly to Americans, so my reserved Australian opinion is extremely irrelevant. I received an Email from a western Australian pastor a couple of weeks ago and he was ‘warning’ people of Todd and what was happening in Florida. The guy had not been to Lakeland, he had never met Todd yet here was a mass Email throwing unsubstantiated doubt and suspicion all over Todd’s name, why would Christian leaders do this? If you don’t particularly know anything why say anything? Why throw muck? I suppose it is pretty hard when there is nothing supernatural or reflecting the presence of God happening in your church it is very confronting and threatening to have someone claiming that people were being raised from the dead and that people were getting out of wheelchairs and there were thousands of medically confirmed healings. Thousands.
I don’t want to rant or rave here just to say I saw the very strong personal endorsement of Bill Johnson, who said that he knows Todd and the family and his ministry well and personally and that IS enough for me. This is endorsement is available to listen to from look for the June 22 podcast and the actual commissioning can be seen on look for the June 23 meeting. Please no one take cheap shots and judge Todd until you have seen both of these events.

So let’s actually stop and pray for Todd and his wife. Prayer points can become gossip columns. There are casualties of front line battle here, do people sometimes take bullets when they find themselves on the front lines. YES I can personally attest to that. So let’s find ourselves in the group Loving and caring and supporting showing compassion, not the group that thinks a cheap shot and a few bad words will in some way lift them up or promote themselves. There will be many people throwing mud and saying ‘I told you so’. I want to be one found focusing on the God of the move not the man God used, and I want to clearly state that if the man of the move is found to be human and vulnerable, who should be surprised at that? The God he loves and proclaimed isn’t human or vulnerable. Thanks Todd for standing up and proclaiming loudly and with enthusiasm the name of our King.

There is a good comment on perspective by Pete Greig of the 24/7 prayer movement, boiler rooms UK that goes well with this blog.

Prayers for Geoff Morrow.

July 24th, 2008 by Mark

Geoff Morrow is Helen’s (one of the founders of this ministry) dad.

Geoff suffered two massive heart attacks in Manila, at the end of a time of running two tours for Wycliffe Bible translators.

These are prayers offered for Geoff whilst he was still alive and then prayers offered for the family after his passing on 26-06-2008.


Tabernacle time in Church…

July 22nd, 2008 by Helen

Recently while we were in Adelaide, South Australia we met with “Ann”, a leader in a local church there. We were talking about the concept of Tabernacle & of the rest that often happens in the presence of the Lord, when Ann felt from the Lord to lead a form of Tabernacle time in Church the following Sunday. This is how it went that day…


“Sunday was interesting. As the Pastor and I prayed before worship I asked the Lord to help me keep my hands off, but to be a facilitator of what he was doing. He had to remind me of that during the service as the message went a lot longer than I’d anticipated and open time for ‘resting in the Lord’ looked like being shorter and shorter. As I started to fret a little he just reminded me “My agenda, not yours” so I settled back and went with the flow. ‘Rest’ time ended up being about 15 minutes towards the end of worship.  A lot of people just sat in their seats but some got up sat on the floor elsewhere in the chapel; I think one or two went out into the foyer area.  I pretty much gave them permission to do whatever felt right to them and the Lord. There didn’t seem to be too much restlessness to indicate that people were struggling with the quiet and the unstructured time. I helped create the space, what He did with it was up to Him. I did have one lady speak to me afterwards about how much she’d appreciated just being able to rest in the Lord’s presence, and that was encouraging.”

The Common and The Holy

July 10th, 2008 by Helen

About 2 years ago, I was mopping the floor of our apartment in Munich Germany, where we lived at the time. I had been mopping other parts of the floor area when I came to the Tabernacle area. I began mopping when all of a sudden I stopped. The Lord said to me, “Do not make common what is holy. Go, change the water & use fresh water in this space.”

Over the years we have been asked, “What’s the big deal about setting apart a physical space for the Lord? How can that be different from anywhere else? Anyway, isn’t our body now the ‘temple of God?” This is a question we confronted on our journey of discovering Tabernacle. White Australia does not have a concept nor experience of a sacred space set apart for one particular purpose, other than perhaps the football ground! So part of God taking us to Europe was to deposit this in us & give us an experience of this. Interestingly, first nations (indigenous) peoples all have a concept & experience of sacred spaces.

Ultimately, this is a holiness issue, a holiness question. The very word, holy, means set apart, consecrated. To ‘set apart’ & then consecrate to the Lord a room, chair, time, space of some sort, is to make it holy. Our God is a holy God & when He chooses a space of time or place, & fills it with His presence, He makes it holy.

There were two Tabernacles in the Old Testament before the Temple came. The Tabernacle of Moses teaches us about this very issue of holiness. The second Tabernacle (of David) was about worship & prayer. If we do not understand the holiness of God & know a fear of the Lord, we will worship & pray in a way that will be common, ordinary. Likewise if we do not understand that a holy God has chosen our bodies as His place of dwelling, His temple, & set it apart, consecrating it to Him, we will make it common. We can defile what God sees as holy by treating it as ordinary, normal; like mopping a floor with dirty water. Commonness is the greatest enemy of what is holy, special, sacred.

“Be careful not to treat the holy things as though they were common.” Numbers 18:32